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1. Lewis writes. 'When souls become wicked they will certainly use this possibility to hurt one another; and this, perhaps, accounts for four-fifths of the sufferings of men.'It is men, not God, who have produced racks, whips, prisons, slavery, guns, bayonets, and bombs… explain why you agree or disagree ?

2. In Lewis worldview , how could an all-good , all powerful God permit human evil and the suffering it causes ?

3. A basic precept of Lewis’s worldview is to forgive and love our enemies. Is this possible ? is it sensible ? is embracing the spiritual worldview necessary to do this ?

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    1. I would agree with the author that men may become wicked.

    There is an old saying: A rotten apple will spoil the whole basket.

    A rotten apple no matter at anywhere will create problems to the group,

    and there will be, for surely, bad apples among human.

    2. (I am not answering this question from Lewis' worldview which I can't see at here, here is my own answer to the God Theory.)

    There is no "powerful" solution to bad apples in human being, not from law, ethics, philosophy, or Gods. Humans have their own free wills, no rules can ever bond human behaviors to fixed patterns. Additionally, Humans are disguised under varying appearances, they don't reveal their true identity nakedly. You can mold 999,999,999 good apples, but there will always be one bad apple among them.

    3. First of all, to forgive and love our enemies is not possible, not sensible, so there is no sense to talk about whatsoever necessity of embracing spiritual worldview.

    What is the sense to love and forgive a crime if a crime will repeat itself? Can anything promise love and forgiveness can ever alter human fate but not their after-life instead?

    A real spiritual worldview exists in the perception of - Human to take their own fate in their own hands. Like a child grows up from a family, there won't be parenthood with them forever, they themselves will survive the real world, or not.

    Know what a bad apple is and stay away from it. Ask oneself not to become a bad apple. If you run into a bad apple, do something about it, but definitely not love and forgive.

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