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The Allies WW2, Commit Atrocities?

I never heard about UK/US forces committing atrocities in WW2, are we really saying that only the Germans and Soviets did anything bad in WW2? I mean I'm British and I'm very grateful for what my country did in WW2 but human nature being what it is I find it hard to believe we didn't do anything bad.

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    Agreed. There were most definitely rapes, murders, looting, i assume torture of some prisoners and harsh beatings. But it was never systematic or on a large scale, like the nazi death camps or incidents with the japanese like the rape of nanking.

    The bombing of cities like dresden were quite atrocious, yes, but it wasnt, in my opinion, as bad as mass executions. the main purpose of bombing cities into the ground was strategy to obliterate the will of the people. Dresden and Tokyo, and the bombings in general were probably the worst things the allies had done during the war. They bombed those cities into little more than rubble. Many of those cities had industrial facilities that were legitimate targets, but the bombing of the city of dresden was a city of little importance, certainly not of an importance to be bombed on the level it had been. Was the only incident of which the allies had committed a terrible act purposefully that i can recall.

    Wasnt as bad in my opinion as the mass executions.

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    There are atrocities in all armies in all times ... rape, shooting of prisoners, torture, etc. ... But there was never any systematic or purposeful atrocities committed by Allied troops during the WWII. ... And there was always the "free press" there to record such incidents (witness what happened when George Patton merely slapped two men).

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    Well the united states went overboard when Japan attacked they got every Japanese citizen and put them in camps but we didn't do what the Germans did.I'm an American and I believe this was wrong

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    If they committed any atrocities they were likely either blamed on the enemy or ignored entirely. History is written by the victors.

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    You may want to read up a bit about the bombardment of Dresden. This was intentionally bombing a city without any military or economic significance purely to destruct it to damage moral. It was already controversial during the war.

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    Yes, Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

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    there will always be bad things done from both sides in any war.. we just dont hear about em when theyre from our side...

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