What field of medicine should I pursue?

I am pursuing a career in medicine but lately have felt unsatisfied with my decision. I have job shadowed nurses, physicians, PA’s, dentists, medical technologists and more. Personally, I feel like my life purpose is to travel. I have been attracted to countries like Italy, France, and Africa since I was a kid. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what field of medicine I should pursue in order to live a purposeful life dedicating my time to others abroad?


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    9 years ago
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    Go and be a doctor in Africa? Don't you think they could do with the help?

  • 4 years ago

    You've received a few well recommendation thus far, nevertheless, it is rather fundamental that you've got received whatever from all of the stories. This is a key query in interviews however, in your possess advantage, if you'll truthfully reply this question then you're going to confirm if you're rather making use of to do medication for the proper cause. If you'll switch those enjoy and capabilities over to the lifetime of a health care professional, then it is going to certainly aid along with your software. Doing study at the scientific faculties you're making use of to additionally is helping. This you could be doing besides, as you're eager to discover out how each and every scientific institution is administered, the form of amenities they have got (eg Do they nonetheless have dissection periods? How many scientific scholars are there? What is the scholar:trainer ratio?). These could also be priceless whilst writing up your individual declaration a prepares you for scientific institution interviews. Practise with different humans with interview methods, get plenty of humans to learn your individual declaration, continuously ask your self why you wish to do medication. If you're now not definite, study places you're interested and believe of why you could/could now not be compatible in special scientific specialities and many others. Hope that is helping. Good success!

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