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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 9 years ago

why do we call god he isnt god a mystical form of no gender but just simply god?

im athiest and it makes me feel free to be but when i here people and their religion everyone says he will change your life and being off topic when something happens and you rely on someone to help you you say thank god a lot of people say it out of figure of speech but those that really mean thank god what about the person who done the deed should they not be thanked things we do to do things for others like save lives make great things such as sculpture we give that credit to a god or gods or godesses and you say we go to heaven and hell well sperm is what we are your telling me after having sex a woman killed all the sperm but one how about all the times a male masturbates your telling me that he killed thousands of live so he should go to hell right no because you dont think about it i asked this question to a christian when i was young and they said well all that sperm that died they go to heaven well dang all those centuries of dead sperm your practicly swimming in them when you reach the gates of heaven right dont get me wrong their are great things the curches have done for good but church can also be corrupted as ugly as politics this shows in the ancient times which is why i dont like to say in god i trust because again my life does not revolve around any god and that phraise should be revolting due to the fact that their are religions in this country that believe in more than one god and do not believe in all the same god in justice we trust is what it should be and one more thing we have gays that fight save lives work at retirement home gays are all around us they are the same who is to ceep them band from a wedding it is wrong rethink your ignorant selves here me its un american this is why our fore fathers fought for independance this is why we have higher standards because we believe in freedom we believe it is only right to punish any traitor any ruler and any organization that says what is right and what is wrong when those decisions belong to us we stand under one flag and that flag relys on us to preserve the liberty it holds within the colors the stripes and the fabric that we decorated our pride into each thread be damned if the people who make that flag are gay and cant marry because the people behind politics and churches and among our selves say its taboo religion is taboo religion does not run this country we do IN JUSTICE I TRUST!!! do you.


maybe i should have made two questions to keep the religous question part from the political question lol but seriously take the time to read the passage and you will understand my questions and my reasons for questioning them.

Update 2:

and dont call god anything because its controdictory he isnt right she isnt right it isnt right so get it right lol your god is god its mind boggling to understand to call this life form you believe exists it because an it cant speak and according to your belief again god is of no gender so we're at a stand still to know what to call this mystical creature someone answer to this so i can under stand you speaking of the christian god is really confusing me to death its like a he/she/it doesnt know what to call its self ahh i jjust said it im confused

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Wow. Text wall. Only read first and last sentences. But we call God 'He' (even though you're right, He's not 'masculine' by our terms) is cause of a little passage in Genesis, where it says man was created in the image of God, and women in the image of man. So since man is one step higher in the chain, we call God He. And honestly, do you want to call God 'It'?

    Also, we don't hate gays. That's one of my biggest pet peeves, when they look at my screen name and immediately say "homophobe". I don't like gay marrage because, yes, the Bible says to not have gay sex. That doesn't mean that I hate gays. I just think that gay marriage is wrong.

    A sperm is not a human. It will never become a human on its own. Neither, for that matter, will an unfertilized egg. Once the sperm and the egg meet, however, that's a being in the making. To disrupt that is, in my opinion, exactly the same as stabbing a newly born baby.

    And based on your nationalism, you ARE religious. At least in the sense that you're devoted to something. Dude, America's a country. Just like any other. In three hundred years, people will say, "Are you kidding? America was POWERUL?"

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The male gives and the female receives.

    Sex is oneness and Love is selflessness. Male and female come together and cease to be self and become one and therefore reflecting the Oneness of the Spirit of Life and therefore bring Life into this physical world. Life's nature is oneness. The Hebrew words for God is Elohim and YHVH both have male and female essences but without sexual organs. Elohim is God male and female and His messengers. God the Father impregnates His wife the Holy Breath (the Holy Spirit) with the word and the Holy Spirit carries and brings forth the son (Jesus the living word). The Father cannot speak without the word (the son) and uses His holy breath (the Holy Spirit) and the son the word can do nothing without the Holy Breath to carry the word and the Holy Breath cannot not do anything without the Father who breaths the breath this is continuous Oneness of Spirit. Spirit is selfless and imageless and that is what Jesus reflected perfectly by humbling the self and now his body on this planet must do the same. All are completely submitted to the other but none the less it is the Father who speaks the word. Eve was already part of Adam spiritually reflecting God but had no physical body yet. Adam was the male physically having a penis so and Eve was already part of Adam Spiritually but Adam needed the physical Eve the female to experience that oneness physically. Eternity is not a segment of time but simply non-relative Oneness with the Eternal One.

  • ?
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    God is a note that became invented in a guy's thoughts and created through his mind's eye. God can propose something, it truly is in basic terms a note a lifeless ringer for the different note. The question is why do human beings favor the note faith of their faith? So the note faith can block the note death through utilizing their mind's eye and turning out to be a God which will experience take care of of their minds.

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