Why does he treat me like this?

So since last month my boyfriend been treating me like this hell claim that he's "busy" with work and school and i understand that but every time I turn around he always end up posteing something on fb but never has time to text me all week and atleast say hi or when i text him he's already hanging with his friends and He hasn't spent time with me in Hela long.I'm always the 1 that initiates contact and I'm always the 1 that ask him if he wants to hangout,so i ended up going 5 days without calling or texting him to see if hell atleast put in some efort (he didnt) so on the 5the day I finnally text him and told him how I felt (my 2 time doing this) and I said Wasup with you?? You don't contact me or barely see me what kinda **** is that???

and he says Idk just busy!!! Me:..action speak louder than words,you could say that you miss me and want to be with me but if you ain't puting In that effort to atleast say hi than all that's comeing out your mouth is bullshit,the same phone that you us to get on fb is the same thing you can use to say hi to me...yea I was pretty pissed!!

A couple of days later didn't really hear nothing from him so I texted him and asked him hows his day going and he said its goin koo I just got back from great America..,now im thinking like wow you couldn't even asked me if I wanted to go??? He took his sister and his cuzn and didn't even invite me wich seemed really unfair and Inconsidarate obviously he's not that busy if he could hangout with friends,go to the club,hop on fb and twitter,go to great America but when it comes to me he's always "busy" idk what to do anymore I'm tired of crying I just need some really good advice???

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  • Janet
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    8 years ago
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    Dump his a$$

    When a guy doesn't make you a priority is not worth keeping. He doesn't want to be around you, so don't waste your time trying to be around him. And believe me it is stroking ever inch of his ego that you are so eager to have his attention when he's bent on ignoring you.

    Stop calling, texting and talking to him and start dating. Dating is a cure-all to past relationship whoas.

    Good luck honey :-)

    Source(s): Myself: a girl who's broken many a hearts
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