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How do I know if my beautiful wife is...?

Ok, sorry to do this but I would rather do this, then google it. And find out right away! I think my wife is pregnant! Yes, I'm MORE then 100% sure that its mine. She wont tell me if she took the test. (IF, she is, I think shes going to tell me Saturday its our 1st year anniversary) But Im sure she is..shes had mood swings, throwing up, and shes eating a lot. I could say I'm scared to be a dad...

I know my wife, Ari, will be a wonderful mom! It'd sad that shes 22 and ready and I'm 27 and scared...

What do I do about becoming a dad? What other things do girls do when they are pregnant?? I NEED HELP!!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Honestly, be prepared for anything. The weirdest things happen during pregnancy that you wouldnt even think of.. anything from awful leg cramps during the night to hair growing thicker. If she is pregnant, when she starts to get her tummy she might feel really unnatractive and fat (thats what happened to me lol). Make sure you tell her how beautiful she is, that's probably the most important thing. As for you being a dad, don't worry! When you hold your baby you will know what to do and it won't seem so scary anymore. loving baby and mommy will make you a great dad. good luck! :)

    Source(s): 26 weeks pregnant and family experience
  • Des
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    9 years ago

    Find out if shes actually pregnant before you start to hyperventilate! Lol. Becoming a dad will come in time. Im sure you will be more than ready after the first sonogram, or hearing the heart beat.

    Good Luck!

  • 9 years ago


    Sleep more


    Swollen Boobs

    Darker nipples

    Gain weight (Probably a good idea not to hint this one :L)

    Peeing a lot more


    Wouldn't be alarmed if she wasn't having one of themshe might not have all the symptoms.

  • ?
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    5 years ago

    good each and every guy thinks there spouse is lovely from there eyes becaus e they consider they're lovely within and all a person needs is just too believe distinctive!!! they recognize their spouse and ya different men would consider shes unsightly however they love her and consider that shes the one woman that is familiar with him and is there for him!!i'm certain thats the way in which you believe with ur spouse that you'll be able to inform her something!!!and when you simplest like her for appears thats no longer well

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