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boyfriend is becoming a drug addict+help?

Hi there,

I am going through a very tough time in my life right now. anyone willing to listen?

My boyfriend and I have been going out for 3 years (high school sweethearts). We are like best friends and complete opposites. We hang out all the time and i love him alot. I have goals and am starting nursing school very soon. My boyfriend has yet to find his nitch and does not go to school and keeps losing his jobs. I have started carrying resentment towards him and thinking I could be the one to change him and help him figure out where he wants to go in his life but he is very lazy and does not show any interest.

Anywho, not to long ago I found out he was abusing prescription pain pills. He was stealing pills from his mom and she caught him before he stole any of them. Then there was a night we were supposed to hang out and he never showed up and gave me an excuse, which is very unlike him so I started getting suspicious. My boyfriend and I would watch the show intervention and he would be very curious about drugs and said he would want to try every drug atleast once to know what it feels like. I then flipped out and said it only takes one time to get hooked and he was like yeah yeah whatever and didnt believe me. Anyways, I found out not to long ago when we took a break because of relationship issues that he had tried crack several times and he said he regretted doing it. But recently he told me a couple days ago that he is buying xanax off of a guy and he told me he was only buying 2 pills a week. But i did not believe " personality.

Right now we are going through a crisis and he has become very distant with me and I rarely see him. I feel like he is miserable when I do see him and he has very dark bags under his eyes. He is not the same person because we would spend every waking minute together. This situation is putting me under so much stress and I keep getting hurt by him doing these things and imagining where he is and is he safe. I told his family and they are completely on my side for getting him help. My boyfriend told me and started crying not to long ago that he is scared of what he will do and does not know why he is doing drugs. He does not have an exact reason and that he scares himself.

I am so tired of him lying to me, hes cheated on me several time, and so the trust is completely broken. I have done nothing but be there for him and never cheated and I am a very genuine person. Once Im in a relationship, your the only one I think about. But I also think he has taken me for granted because whenever he wants me around, i will drop everything for him just to be with him and thats also why I think he is distancing himself. I am breaking up with him but I dont know how to move on and take care of myself. The past 2 years have been hell because my father is an alcoholic and its just weird that now my boyfriend is a drug addict. The two men I would do anything for, are the people I cant do anything for because they chose drugs over me. I really need help because I am having a mental breakdown. Any truthful and wise advice would be appreciated. I dont know what to do anymore

2 Answers

  • 9 years ago

    Breaking up with him is the best. Look, he has an addictive personality and won't accept that he's hooked enough to get help. So don't fall the for 'I'm going to get help" crap because he won't until he hits rock bottom.

    He's not CHOOSING pills over you, dear, he's addicted. And until he gets profesional help and gets sober, he won't be any good to be around. So don't buy anything he says until he goes into a treatment program.

    See below the website for Narcotics Annoymous.

  • 9 years ago

    be paceinte and re lax yes help his parents get him into a drug free hospitol and a drug adidict recovery place hang in there talk to a counsoler

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