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Am I a leecher or a seeder? torrent stuff?

So i use The pirate bay alot mostly extremezone for movies so when I download the movies I dont delete them until I watch the movie or whatever that can go for like a month because I usually have 20 to 40 torrents sometimes it takes me three days to watch one movie sometimes i can watch two in one day. so back to my question Am I a seeder or a leecher?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    you are both.. If you a downloading a file off torrent, you will be considered a leecher.. If that file is uploading, then u will be considered as seeder.. Seeders are the one who uploads a file and the leechers are the one who downloads it.

    As you dont delete the file, it doesnt mean u r uploading it. If u stop the process of seeding in the torrent, the file will no more upload. after you are done downloading it a file, it is always better to upload it to atleast its file size. This will help others to download the file..

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