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Should i wait for ipod touch 5th gen or stick with 4th gen?

I have a ipod touch 4th generation 32 GB with the latest software update but i recently cracked the screen and now everything is starting to fall apart. Before i broke the screen safari and alot of my apps were randomly crashing and i didnt know how to fix it and the speed was not what apple advertised it as. Then, i recently cracked the screen while recording a video and it messed up my front camera and now the volume is screwed up and the whole thing is just starting to completly break down. im wondering if i should just go to the apple store and get it repaired for like 150 dollars or if i should wait for the rumored ipod touch 5th gen which i have no idea when its coming out and how much it will cost.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Wait or and I'll buy it off u with the crack !!!! Email me

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