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Can someone help me answer one history questiong and correct the other three? Thanks=D?

Am not sure about this one

3 Truman’s Fair Deal program

A was an overwhelming success.

B had the strong support of Congress.

C suffered because of the president’s concern about the Cold War.

D promised gains for a select few in American society.

And can someone correct this ones..please..i want to know if i got it wrong or right?

1 Which of the following presidents submitted the Civil Rights Act to the Congress and gave a televised speech to the nation in which he stated that passage of this act was a matter of morality, e.g. all individuals are equal.

A Lyndon Johnson

B Harry Truman

C Dwight D. Eisenhower

D John F. Kennedy

I chose A. lyndon Johnson

2 Which of the following leaders made sure that the Civil Rights Act would pass in Congress

A Robert Kennedy

B Martin Luther King

C Lyndon Johnson

D Richard Nixon

I chose b martin luther king jr

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    !. a

    2. a

    as for #3, a quick search on using 'Truman + New Deal'

    gives A as the right answer, B is not true according to search,

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