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Should i reslease my mixtape?

im a 15 year old rapper and i recorded a bunch of songs and prepared a mixtape but now that im half-way through it i dont want to put it out anymore. the reason is because most of the songs are just your average crappy mainstream style talking bout money and partying. i fear even though people say its good, that putting this out might hurt my chances of actually going somewhere with rap because the lyrics are not good. im going to keep it 100 and say that most of my songs especially the song that got big locally was half-@ssed because i wasnt serious with it and i knew that kids my age have bad taste in hip hop and they would eat it up, which they did. but know that i have got serious, i started to regret it.i only madde about 5-6 songs on this bullcrap mixtape and plp keep asking when its coming out..shouldf i just tell themthat i throwed it in the trash to start over or should i just release it and hope that it doesnt hurt me too bad?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Put it out. You'll live. It's funny when you don't appreciate something that you have created yourself that other people will just love it. This still happens to me but it's normal...Try it. What do you really have to lose. No one can determine your fate but you.

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