Which is the best division in the NFC?

For the past two seasons I would say it was clearly the NFC North, but after the Bucs offseason and the Panthers being a team with potential the past few seasons, I think the NFC South has an argument.

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    8 years ago
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    It's definitely the NFC North. The NFC South got way weaker this season in my opinion. The Saints were by far the best team in that division with the bounty punishments. They were the one team that everyone knew was a perennial superbowl contender. Now, however, they become much weaker which opens the door for the Panthers, Falcons, and Bucs. While these teams have improved, I can't see any of them beating the top NFC teams (Packers, 49ers, Giants, even the Bears and Eagles). The Packers are better than any team in the NFC South, and I would say the Bears are too. The Lions could beat any of those teams too. It's really just the Vikings who are weak in the NFC North, since they're still rebuilding. If the Saints stayed the same this offseason, then I could see the argument, but for now, the NFC North is the best division. Also, don't forget about the NFC East. They have the defending superbowl champs, the Eagles who I think will be great this year, the Cowboys who have improved their defense, and the Redskins who finally got their QB.

  • AP
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    8 years ago

    North: Packers may have lost last in the playoffs last year after finishing 15-1, but it was against the Superbowl winning Giants. They are still an elite team and a SB favorite. Bears and Lions are almost on the same level. They both have the potential to make a deep playoff run, but I feel that the Bears can contend this year and possibly make it to the SB. (But I am a little bias, so you can take that with a grain of salt)

    South: The bucs have improved and the panthers are on their way up, but the Saints have been weakened by the bounty scandal and i'm unsure how they will do this season. I've never believed in Matt Ryan or the Falcons and find them to be somewhat overrated, I wont show them any respect until they stop getting blown out in post-season games.

    East: one could say this is the best division w/ Eli, RG3, Romo, and Vick. But the Eagle and Cowboys all all hype, every year they call themselves contenders and every year I am somewhat convinced. Not this year, i refuse to buy into the media hype. The only team in this division that is worth while is the Giants.

    West: this should be obvious.

  • jello
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    8 years ago

    I disagree that the Saints should have ever been considered a yearly super bowl contender. it only takes one playoff loss to end a season, as the NY Giants have shown twice now. The Giants were the best team last year. More than likely, another team will prove itself to be the best this year. We haven't seen what each teams draft choices or offseason pick ups will add to their team. With so many intangibles out there, it's still too early to get a good idea for which teams will be good this year. Maybe the 49ers aren't as good as we thought they were last year. Maybe the Lions are good again this year. But the two most competitive divisions in the NFC will more than likely always be the NFC East and the NFC North.

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    Right now the North. It reminds my of the early 90s NFC East, when for 4 years straight the Skins, Cowboys and Giants all won a ring and the Cowboys won 2. 3 great teams all fighting for #1, it'll be good for years to come.

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    4 years ago

    undergo in recommendations the NFC East had to pass up against the AFC North this twelve months, and the two Pittsburgh and Baltimore have been stiff opposition. jointly as i think of the NFC South develop into great, i think of the East develop into greater constructive. Giants, and the Eagles the two.

  • 8 years ago

    1. North (Bears, Packers and Lions - all playoff teams)

    2. East (Dream team, SB champs, America's team and RG3, whew.)

    3. South ( Saints, Falcons, and the big spenders: the Bucs. could be difficult + the Newt)

    4. West (Cardinals: no QB/O-line, Rams: No O-line/WRs, Seahawks: Mediocre everywhere, 49ers dominate this one.)

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  • 8 years ago

    1. North

    2. South (I don't think any of the four teams are THAT good)

    3. East

    4. West

  • Sean M
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    8 years ago

    If RGIII plays well this year the toughest division might be the NFC East

  • ny21tb
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    8 years ago

    the NFC EAST...As usual....

    Source(s): SB XLVI.
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