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Can you do time for defending your self by stabbing a person with a knife?

my friend age of 30+ was getting jumped by a group of young kids because of some beef between his son and some kids and he defended him self by attacking them with a knife sending one little boy of age 15 to the hospital. What will the judge most likely say to my friend or will they give him jail time and up to how long?.....


No the guy son wasnt injured at all only the kid his father had stabbed and idk what he was charged with yet they wouldnt disclose that info to me

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  • 9 years ago
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    probably that taking a knife to the kids was not the best solution. Depending on the amout of force taken out on the kid and the extent of the kids injures. My guess is that he will just get probation, a warning, a fine, and or minimal jail time.

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    9 years ago

    If they think he tried to kill someone( like assault or murder charges) I think he might get a long sentence 10 years or more. What was he charged with? If you find out then you can look at what the sentencing guidelines are for that crime.

    I don't know the whole story and you did not exactly say if the son was injured by the kids - those are factors that could change what (if any) a conviction could be.

    He should get a lawyer if he can pay for one or try to talk to the public defender asap and keep up!

  • 9 years ago

    First off, they will ask where he got the knife. If it was just sitting on his BBQ grill as he was cooking a steak, then that is good. If he had a little pocket knife that he managed to get out and open up, that is so so. If he had a six inch hunting knife on his belt then he is in trouble....

    Second they will get testimony from everyone. Unless there was a third party watching all of this that can testify then he is going to have a bunch of kids saying that he just jumped them with the knife. It is highly unlikely they are going to admit they jumped him and he used the knife for self defense.

    Third, he needs a lawyer.

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