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Anonymous asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsCancer · 8 years ago

Did eau de toilette cause cancer?

In Taiwan, many websites said eau de toilette would probably cause cancer. They persuade people think twice before buying fragrances and suggest that buying eau de parfume is better than eau de toilette. I'm wondering is this true? Can anyone offer me an answer. Thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    They contain the same substances, just in different proportions.

    Perfume extract, or simply perfume (Extrait): 15-40% (IFRA: typical 20%) aromatic compounds

    Esprit de Parfum (ESdP): 15-30% aromatic compounds, a seldom used strength concentration in between EdP and perfume

    Eau de Parfum (EdP), Parfum de Toilette (PdT): 10-20% (typical ~15%) aromatic compounds, sometimes listed as "eau de perfume" or "millésime." Parfum de Toilette is a less common term that is generally analogous to Eau de Parfum.

    Eau de toilette (EdT): 5-15% (typical ~10%) aromatic compounds

    Eau de Cologne (EdC): Chypre citrus type perfumes with 3-8% (typical ~5%) aromatic compounds. "Original Eau de Cologne" is a registered trademark.

    Perfume mist: 3-8% aromatic compounds (typical non-alcohol solvent)

    Splash (EdS) and Aftershave: 1-3% aromatic compounds. "EdS" is a registered trademark.

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  • 8 years ago

    Never heard or read of any perfume causing any type of cancer.

    Of course if it did, how would we prove it scientifically ?

    Test perfumes on laboratory rats ? They would smell nice.

    Worry about cigarette smoke. That is full of carcinogens.

    Cigarettes kill half a million Americans each year - many more worldwide.

    Hope you are not a smoker.

    Smokers who worry about minor things are missing the forest for the trees.

    Worry about driving in a car - over 40,000 deaths a year in the USA.

    Do not worry about perfume.

    Source(s): MD Medical Oncologist and Hematologist - a cancer and blood specialist doctor - with twenty years experience
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Perfume that causes cancer? Hmm, that sounds highly unlikely. Cancer happens because the cells mutate, and over multiply. I cannot see how perfume would cause any cellular change unless it contains harmful substances.

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