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This question is for the parents that use day cares...?

How much an hour does a daycare charge? (You can just put your daycare provider price). I am trying to figure out a decent price to start my daycare with. Thanks in advance.


What would be part-timers? I know it would be anything less than full time (which would be 5 days a week) so would part time be 3 days or 4 days or either or? I NEED HELP haha. Thanks in advance again.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think generally a home daycare has a daily rate with specified hours of operation (kids can be dropped off after 7am and picked up before 5pm or something like that) and an hourly rate for either part-time kiddos or drop-ins.

    In my area it's appx $25/day (I've seen 22-30) and $4/hour. In my experience home daycares don't charge different rates for infants and toddlers, as just one person has a max quota for kids anyway and couldn't have bunches more in a room if they're older.

    Your best bet is to register first, which will involve state inspection as well as coursework. There should be protocols in the registration process that will help you determine what you need to do. Then call around to some other home daycares in your area - your price will largely be dictated by what others around you charge. There is a pretty good network of women who do this as a profession depending on where you live - they tend to get to know one another so if you can find one you'll likely be able to find more. You can usually ask for advice, too, as from what I've seen it's not cut-throat competitive for clients. Pretty much there are always parents looking for care, and usually the home day cares are filled up.

    Good luck!

  • 9 years ago

    Most daycares vary by age. If you have afterschoolers price varies too. Normal fee is 75 a week for birth -2yrs. 65 for the others and then you have part timers which are 40 week. The same goes for after schoolers. Hope this helps.

  • serena
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    5 years ago

    i will understand your subject... i'm a mom and did this very area of my son whilst he became small different than he went to an afternoon care exterior of the residing house.. Its no longer hassle-free to the youngster or the daycare providor yet i think of i could attempt a different attitude.. 1st , attempt to set a gathering with the mothers and fathers and talk what you experience is inflicting the subject ( subsequently , mothers and fathers inflicting the youngster greater grief than mandatory by utilising sticking around too long ). I could agree , 40 5 minutes is insane and can reason you to bypass fruity besides. once I had this subject , the daycare attendant gently confirmed me to the door and pronounced we are able to so long.. now and back , mothers and fathers have as plenty seperation rigidity because of the fact the little ones. i don't have faith assembly them on the door is a stable concept( they might take it the incorrect way ) yet I do have faith that regulations could be universal for them.. Its frightening the different little ones and that would additionally be an arguement which you are able to use .... If the mothers and fathers won't hear , then you definitely might could renounce one infant to maintain your sanity and keep the different little ones from misery.. consult from them and clarify what the subject is .. clarify to them which you will make all of us satisfied and have a peaceful and non violent putting for the little ones you watch yet that can't take place if the mothers and fathers do no longer study to enable bypass..attempt to be sympathetic to how they experience.. occasion . "I understand its hard to enable bypass " or " It could be hard to could bypass away " this style , the mothers and fathers don't experience such as you're attacking them.. stable success expensive and desire all finally ends up nicely/// desire i could help :)

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