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Im a student at college looking to move out. What financial help would i get?

Im 18 going on 19 and thinking that its time i moved out and rented. I would obviously look into getting a part time job too but i dont know how i would pay for all the expenses. Was just wondering what sort of help (if any) i would get from the government.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Are you in college? If so it would be much smarter for you to stay at home... why? well, a few reasons

    1) there is no additional Fin Aid available to you... so when you live on your own, you have to make it work with whatever Fin Aid is already in place... meaning the same money has to go MUCH farther

    2) you are not over 24.... you will need your parent's tax info to obtain your Fin Aid until you are over 24... so, with you only being 19 & several years before you turn 25... keep the peace with your family because you need them to provide with their tax records each & every year

    3) you can get a job if you want to help cover costs (and you should... even if you don't move out), but it will be difficult with a part-time job to afford paying all of your own living expenses... additionally, it would be better to use the part-time job to off-set your need for student loans.. this way you minimize the amount you will have on loans when you finish school

    4) I know you don't realize it now... but you have it REALLY GOOD being able to stay at home & go to college.... when all of your friends are complaining about being $100,000 in debt for their degrees & your debt pales by comparison.. then you will realize the value of being able to stay at home

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    So you're attending college and living at home and you want to know if there is any government money to help you move out? No, there isn't. If you can afford college then obviously you have some money. If you are getting by on student loans then you could use some of your refund money to rent an apartment. You should be happy to have a roof over your head

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