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How are the climates of coastal regions affected by the specific heat capacity of water?

A. Water temperatures are increasing.

B. Water temperatures are decreasing.

C. Wind patterns are observed.

D. Land mass is decreasing.

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    9 years ago
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    Coastal areas journey a reasonable climate for the duration of the 300 and sixty 5 days.that's the effect of version especially heats of water and land (soil).this version outcomes interior the unequal heating of the land and the adjacent sea surfaces by ability of the photograph voltaic.throughout the time of day time,the land is heated greater.The heated air rises and the incredibly cool air from the sea strikes over the adjacent land section to swap the growing to be air.This air flow is named sea breeze.The opposite subject takes place at night.for this reason the days are cooler and nights are warmer in coastal areas making a reasonable climate for the duration of the 300 and sixty 5 days.

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