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HELP PLEASE? How To Study for Test?

I usually get good grades, but for this specific subject which is History, even when i study for it,

I get a HORRIBLE grade :'( Please Help! This is the last term and I really want to get Strait A's!:)

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    I like to put my headphones in and just answer questions over and over. Say if you had 25 questions on a study guide (if you don't have a study Gide you make one up, use old worksheets, etc) and just do them 1-25. But answer them on a separate sheet of paper. Double check the answers and if you have a nice teacher then ask them to check the answers. But then just scrap that paper and do it again. Until you can just look at the questions and remember the answer. Copying down text from your text book will also help you to remember or reading it outloud. Listening to music you like (if it doesn't distract you) can be very helpful because it will lighten the mood of studying. The more miserable you are studying, the less likely you are to remember.

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