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Why is My Little Pony so popular?

I don't hate My Little Pony I just think it's weird how many people like it and how popular it got. I watch it on my iPod sometimes but it seems like any other show, you watch it when your bored, and basically just another show put into this world for peoples entertainment. I don't see what makes it so good or why its so popular, theres nothing that makes it better than any other show. If theres anyone out there who thinks the same please share your answer because this is ridiculous. I have a couple friends who talk about it ALL the time and are OBSESSED with it. I'm just like "Yeah its a pretty good show." and they go on and on. They even collect toys and T-Shirts and im like, "Dude c'mon." Anyone have an answer to this? If you do please post below, any answer will do.

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    9 years ago
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    Well everything about the show is great.

    The very first thing that caught my attention was how well the characters were designed and how fluid the animation was. im a great big anime fan and this show somewhat reminded me of anime, such eyes are big which allows for emotion to be more vivid and noticable by the audience.

    as the episode progressed i found that all of the characters were in fact, likable, every single one of them. none of the ponies had an overly obnoxious attitude, which was actually a breath of fresh air, it was simply fun to watch these characters in the same way it's fun to hang out with friends for the sake of hanging out.

    finally the first ended with an introduction to an interesting antagonist, one that was very nicely designed and was doing something legitimately antagonistic like, not something lame like "im going to steal all your candy" or "you shall serve me cookies forever buahaha" like most foals show antagonists do.

    "ok... that was actually pretty solid, let's see what else this show's got. and proceeded to watch the next episode... and the next one... and the next one... and the next one.

    what i've noticed was that although the characters were all very likable, they all had character flaws, some are too shy, some are too brash, etc. this impressed me because in most foals shows, the antagonist is flawless, and thus unrealistic. with mlp, there is usually at least one character that a pony can relate to, which allows a deeper connection to the show than one would normally see in a foals's cartoon.

    another thing i found that probably one of the biggest reasons i like the show so much is that there are referrences galore if you care to look for them. there are referrences to many television shows and movies, as well as well known and popular memes on the internet. this allows the cartoon show to be enjoyable for adults too, a sort of find the "easter egg" if you will.

    the music is another thing about this show i found completely amazing, it can range from being completely cutsy, to rock and roll, to a chorus, all sounding completely spectacular, i mean it's been a month and i still constantly find myself singing the tunes from the show... out loud!

    finally what really impressed me was the morals and lessons the series. the lessons that are taught are very very good and range from being obvious to incredibly mature (ex. from learning to share, to accepting differences and opinions of others. i mean how awesome is that?! a lot of television shows go straight for the entertainment factor and forego a moral lesson completely.

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