What are the differences in Orthodox Religions?

What are the differences in the Orthodox Religions? For example, Greek Orthodox, Albanian Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, etc.

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    There are two major bodies that are called Orthodox -- the Eastern Orthodox (those that you mentioned, and others largely in Eastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean region) and the Oriental Orthodox. The so-called Oriental Orthodox (Coptic, Armenian, Malankara Indian, Syriac and Ethiopian) separated from the rest of Christianity in the 4th century over the nature of Christ after the incarnation. The difference in teaching between OO and Eastern Orthodox (and the rest of Christianity) is somewhat of a fine point of doctrine. We are hopeful that this difference can be worked out.

    The Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church separated (before the Protestant Reformation) over what the EO saw as innovations in Roman doctrine (filioque ("and the Son") in the Creed, papal authority, and now some others -- aside from the filioque things that the Protestants also rejected in their time).

    The Eastern Orthodox churches are doctrinally the same, and use the same services, with some minor local variants. The major difference is the language that the services are held in. Their bishops remain in contact through councils, and an Orthodox Christian from one of the regional/linguistic churches is welcome in any of the others (rules for being able to take communion can be a little different).



    About Orthodox Christianity: http://www.goarch.org/ourfaith/introduction

    http://www.antiochian.org/discover http://saintnicholas.ucoz.com/index/intro_to_ortho...

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    If via Christian you imply Protestant, the most important change among them and Roman Catholics and Orthodox are the strategies of sola scriptura (bible by myself) and the proposal of what works are. Roman Catholics and Orthodox have variations over different theological notions as good: Orthodox don't use the "filioque" within the Nicene Creed, which means that each one proceeds from the Father by myself. We additionally don't feel in Roman Catholic dogmas such because the Immaculate Conception nor the Assumption (that Mary didn't die however went to Heaven; Orthodox agree she went to Heaven, however she did die). Matthew, due to the fact "Christians" don't comply with the Pope, do you don't forget Orthodox Christians? After all, we reject Papal Supremacy additionally.

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    Nothing just culture and language. Orthodox is Orthodox.

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