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Is this more than just for fun?

So I really like my manager who's 29. I'm 22. He's a pretty flirty guy in general, but pays more attention to me than the others in the store. We went to do a project, and when we got to the back room of the service desk, (there was someone in the front part) he shut the lights off, so the room was dim. At one pt, he tried to throw a crumpled piece of paper down my shirt. He has this pen, it's a special pen that looks like a wishbone. We have an inside story behind it, and he's never let me write with it before. Well as we did the project, I reached for a pen to write. He gave me a funny look as I began to write, so I stopped to ask him what the look was for. That's when I noticed he had taken out the pen, and laid it on the counter. He let me write with his pen for the first time! :D Also, we were standing there, and he pressed his body up againt mine. Hard. Very hard. And didn't move. And when he did move, he hip-bumped me, and then held the pressure against me again. He did this about 3 times today. And then there's his eyes. He'll make eye contact with me that lasts, and lasts. There's this little sparkle in his eye each time. I can't quite explain it. He'll let this eye contact happen regardless of who's around...employees, customers. Just not other managers.

Anyway...I know I'm one of his favorite employees. Very favorite. I know that. Like we text a ton, sometimes late at night too. And it's true that he pays me more attention. Other girls there don't get either the body or eye contact. But does he do this because he knows that I'll play along and throw it right back at him? Or is it possible he likes me?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Its just for fun. Go to the next level and maybe you'll get a bonus.

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    9 years ago

    NEVER get involved with your boss. NEVER. I would say your interactions are already inappropriate. Maybe he does like you, but you should NEVER act on it.

    Best case, you both like each other and start to date, at which point you ethically have to find another job, or position that is not under him.

    Worst case, yall hook up a couple times, then he moves on to someone else, things get wierd, it will be hanging over your head, and come back to haunt you later, and you are looking for another job after being fired.

    It can also put HIS job at risk, as well.

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