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How do I stop being so guillible and naive?

I am 23, I still live with my parents. almost done with college and I have worked since I was 17. I feel like I have no "street smart" knowledge in terms of knowing when someone is out to mess with me (I am not meaning relationship wise, I mean over all, from acquaintances to strangers).

some days ago at my college, some guy randomly started to talk to ,,,and telling me oo you are so cute, you are so innocent...and told me things that I feel like violated me mentally and I had no common sense of telling him "hey dont cross the line with me, you just saw me and you dont know **** about me so SHUT UP"...instead me being nice I went through with it..

the lightbulb in my head didnt turn on...I HATE THIS ABOUT I regret not telling him off.

my best friend says that its because I have not lived alone..that then I will be able to stand up more for myself.


..he was a much older guy who I have never seen in my life. just saw me and wanted to give me a job saying that I was very cute, that I dress nice and for some reason he always ended up talking about sex. (not me in it but over all, in diff cultures like muslims, he was like encouraging me to cheat on my bf...)..I think that he got turned on thinking that I was innocent. dummy. he was from india, I always think that these men are perverted. he must have been like 53-60 years old.

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  • Jim
    Lv 6
    9 years ago
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    1 There is nothing wrong with you. The man is a abuser and stay away from him. He will get worse every time you make contact. Call the police and give them all the information you have on him including a picture if you have one. You are a wonderful person who takes care of herself and where you live is nobodys business. A change of address will do nothing to better your standing with the bad man. You are doing no wrong and he may try to harm you, grow up and report him

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