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Weird bumps on my face?

I have these weird bumps on my forehead. I never really break out. My face is pretty clear besides the little pimples i get once a week. I am lactose-intolerant. My brother gets rashes under his knees when he has milk. I never really get any problems with having milk. I can have pizza and icecream and stuff and be fine. Last night I had some lasagna. I think it may have been the cheese in that. The bumps on my forehead are clear. I tried to pop one in case it was a pimple. Nothing came out. So I washed my face in case it was a break out. I scrubbed it with this acne wash I have. Like 4 hours later it spread to even more parts of my forehead. It's happening nowhere else. I've had a cold for a few days but nothing serious, just a stuffy nose. HELP?!

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    are they itchy maybe their hives

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