Should the WWE start over after this years draft?

Do you remember how back in 2002 to about 2005/6 Raw and SmackDown were rivals? I miss that they should just re-do the entire draft then have each brand have a World Champion,Mid-Card Champion,Tag Team Champion and a Women's Champion. Even brand the refs and announcers and GM'sagain. Like have Michael Cole,Jerry Lawler and Justin Roberts,Teddy Long(GM) on Raw and SmackDown would have Booker T,Josh Matthews and Lilian Garcia and Eve(GM).

Then have 1 ppv a year like Bragging rights that have the 2 army's face each other and don't worry about title defenses for one month like have WWE Champion vs World Heaveyweight Champion,Intercontinal Champion vs United States Champion,Tag Team Champion vs Tag Team Champion,Women's Champion vs Diva's Champion and of course the always popular 5 vs 5 match. This would also save a lot of big matches for ppv's since big names will be on different brands and won't be able to face each other until they are on the same brand or Wrestlemania. Also WWE would make 3 or 4 tag teams for each brand. Here is example of a bragging rights.

WWE Champion Chris Jericho vs World Champion Sheamus

IC Champion A-Train vs US Champion Brodus Clay

Raw Tag Team Champions Ziggler and Swagger vs Smackdown Tag Team Champions Uso's

Women's Champion Layla vs Diva's Champion AJ

Team Raw(Kane,Big Show,Wade Barrett,R-Truth,Miz)vs Team SmackDown(Randy Orton,Daniel Bryan,CM Punk,John Cena)

Kofi Kingston(Raw Teddy Long's choice)vs Alberto Del Rio(Smackdown Eve's choice)

NXT to Raw David Otunga vs NXT to SmackDown Derrick Bateman

It would be something like this

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    With this whole Raw SuperShow thing, the whole WWE Draft is actually pointless, I honestly think WWE have put a stop to it unfortunatly, I HOPE I'm wrong, I love the WWE Draft.

  • Candle
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    8 years ago

    I completely agree. The WWE needs to create it's own competition like they originally set out to do after Monday Night Wars ended. It would give relevance to things like the Royal Rumble and Survivor Series again, maybe even gimmicks like Elimination Chamber could be adapted to a team effort the way they were in video games. I'd love to see something resembling War Games in the WWE again, and I think an 8 man Chamber Tag match would be as close as we will ever get.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    No, WWE sucks. It's just entertainment for disgusting red-necks. If you like WWE, kill yourself.

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