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? asked in Pregnancy & ParentingPregnancy · 9 years ago

Help a preggo lady out asap!!!!!?

Ok I asked early bout stuff that'll help with morning sickness . Now I suffered pretty good with my first kid but this one I feel like I'm Dieing. I have tried two diff kinds of prescriptions for morning sickness they dint help at all. There r days when I can't even eat crackers. I'll puke till there's a Sharp pain in my side . And I'm gunna make an app but I wanna go in there knowing what to ask for ect cause I don't wanna keep trying stuff and coming back . I'm tired of it plus I don't wanna end up at the hospital w dehydration. Now I'm talking about getting sick at least 8 to 12 times on a really bad day. So what direction do I need to take this w my doc. I don't want that doctors BS answer well its part of the package I need serious help w this and yes iv tried Preggie pops lemon candy ginger snaps ect

2 Answers

  • 9 years ago

    cant help you as im a 23 year old male who is really out of touch with this because hes still in his dream world that serious stuff doesnt occur in life (yet).

    anyway, if you do go to the doc, make sure you armed with questions and expectations i.e. what medicine you think you should be prescribed. usually they bull sh1t you because of cost. granted, the doctor does know best.

  • 9 years ago

    That isn't good

    Go to the doctor

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