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Currently live in So.Cali, thinking of moving to Nevada..?

Need advice or shared experience. My bf & I are 31, I have a good job out here but he's having a hard time finding work. The economy here is out of control and we realize that we need to move out of Cali if we want to LIVE life and not RENT it. He has fam out in Las Vegas and we're thinking of moving out there. I am thinking Henderson or Reno. My question is, is there anyone who currently lives in Las vegas? are you happy there? How long have you lived there?

NOTE: yes I am aware of the heat, I've visited Vegas several times. Thanks to all who answer.

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    9 years ago
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    Honestly the high unemployment rate are just rumors in Las Vegas. I have lived in both places. Most folks find a job in Las Vegas within under a month. I know more than a handful of folks that have moved there recently from states where they were unable to find a job.

    You will feel like you are living in luxary compared to the California rent.

    Yes, the heat will make you cry. lol... how's what feels like a hot hair dryer blowing in your face in the summer...better yet..just oven baking your

    I had tons of fun staying in Las Vegas and would defnitely do it again as its more money in the pocket and the apartments are tripple the size of high Cali prices.

    I lived in Las Vegas for almost 2 years.... Moved back to Cali because of the heat. LMAO! But miss it and considering moving there again.

    You will save so much money in rent you can travel to California anytime that you want.

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  • 9 years ago

    Las Vegas / Henderson has higher unemployment than Los Angeles.

    California has much more "jobs available". Vegas use to provide a lot of fulltime employment and this has not changed to parttime, no benefits positions.

    Housing prices (purchases) are very reasonable but rent has not gone done, this is because of the increase in rentals due to the housing foreclosures.

    If you can transfer you job there and you bf's family can help him get a job, it's something to consider. If not, it wouldn't be a move I would consider making.

    Source(s): all this is easy to find, had you done a little research.
  • 4 years ago

    actual no longer no longer a good time yet in a pair of years while the national and Nevada financial device strengthen, definite. there substitute right into a want for instructors yet now with human beings shifting away, unemployment at over 10%, agencies ultimate, human beings being laid off even interior the on line casino industry, the want has long gone way down. looking a mate in Vegas is probably no longer the least complicated. As a 24/7 city you are able to in no way see or talk on your around the corner neighbor. And the form of fellows you meet on the golf equipment or different night spots, nicely possibly no longer the main suitable place.

  • 9 years ago

    Las Vegas has a high unemployment rate and one of the highest home foreclosure rates in the country. If you don't have a job there already, don't move there and then expect to find one.

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  • 9 years ago

    If he can't find a job in SoCal, he'll never find in one in Nevada. Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the nation. The unemployment rate in Nevada is 11.9%. You really should look to move somewhere where there are actually jobs to be had. There are states with unemployment rates below 7%. And North Dakota's unemployment rate is only 3.8%.

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