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who wants to write a biography essay for me about leonardo dicaprio?

sorry if i sound lazy or stupid or anything im just really having a hard time because im not really good with writing about people it has to be 4 pages typed minimum 12 font

thanks if anyone has the time to help me out ill help u back on something in return.

email me at

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    I'd love to! I'm his biggest fan :) but i gotta study now so ill just give u basic facts about my baby! k?

    u can just add random words to make the text look bigger

    Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born in November 11 1974 in Los Angeles, California. His parents names are Irmelin and George DiCaprio. He started making commercials and then earning short roles in TV series, his first movie was Critters 3 and then This Boys Life with Robert DeNiro then he started getting main roles and got to be in the most grossing movie ever: Titanic :D after that he continued making lots of movies like: (there u put all the names) and he also cares about the planet he has made a documentary, he's not married, hes good friends with Tobey McGuire since they were boys. hope it helped bc it took me time to write this hahah xx

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    Right now I'm just trying to survive my final exams. So, sorry, I can't help you there. However, here's a tip that you may want to consider... first of all, different fonts have different sizes. So, if you were to use a size 12 font in times new roman, it would still be a different size than, say, 12 font "Century" or "Gothic". You may want to find a font that isn't funky (sorry, no wingdings font here), but seems bigger in size 12 font.

    Also, if you wrote your paragraph in a "centered" justification, then it can slightly fill out your paper.

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    i'm with Persiphone_Hellecat. there is very quite some study in touch. the perfect suggestion i'm going to provide you is bypass to the library or a bookstall and inspect the main recent biographies that are obtainable. additionally, examine the manhattan circumstances e book overview (it comes out on Sundays with the manhattan circumstances paper) and inspect the non-fiction bestsellers checklist. a million/2 of the books that are on the checklist are biographies and autobiographies. which will provide you a concept on what all of us is analyzing. it is yet another concept to attempt out. come across a community movie star and write approximately them. There must be somebody on your community that all of us is talking approximately. initiate your biography as a journalistic piece, and then build from there. Be arranged to do an spectacular quantity of study. do no longer forget to triple-verify your data. consistently characteristic YOUR factors. This tidbit is extremely important. initiate with that to discover proposal. i'm hoping you come across somebody to place in writing approximately. stable success and take care.

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