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What CPU, Graphics card should i got medium quality?

I did this question but missed bits and made mistakes so im doing it again

Im looking at medium quality cus i have a low budget but getting it bit by bit so a £800+ graphics card is not worth sending me a link to lol

i got

Motherboard: ASRock N68C-S-UCC AMD Socket AM2 / AM3 / DDR2 DDR3 Motherboard with GeForce 7025

Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce 7025 + nForce 630a


getting 1TB HDD after im done i will get a SSD

i was looking at a getting a CPU next and a power supply

i got a LED gaming case its got these LED fans on the side panel bit but i dunno where it plugs in cus i dont see it on the motherboard so if its the power supply or something then it needs to fit i also need a graphics card have been looking at a 6670 the phenom II x6 i was looking at but i dunno what else i need i got a blu ray player for it but if theres anything else i need to get it to work, i cant find where the power button lead goes on the motherboard it would help loads if someone cud help with that


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Finding a phenom II x6 1100T is gonna be hard. I bought 1 a few months back and i freaking LOVE IT. If your looking for a decent gaming gpu but want to save some cash i would go with a real mid range card. Which means spending at least 200 us dollars. Are you planning on SLI or crossfire set up? If so you probably have SLI which means you will have to go with Nvidia products, so i personally would look at 2 geforce gtx 550's, or if your going with 1 card then just one of those.

    As for your HDD.. not sure if you know but SSD are insanely expensive. Unless you are gonna buy 1 for your OS and a 1TB for storage etc then you can save some money on the SSD like 80 gigs for 150 bucks.

  • 4 years ago

    a million. You dont checklist a funds. 2. You dont checklist your region or the place you intend to purchase from 3. You dont checklist your motherboard, and/or the chipset/socket form of it. (btw its ASRock) So this question is especially lots impossible to respond to. while you're searching for for a greater interior your skill good pix card, look on the 6670/6770/6850 (relies upon on how lots you're prepared to spend). each and each is a extensive step up from the final. So get the excellent one you've gotten adequate money. CPU is impossible to permit you be attentive to w/o understanding the motherbaord. yet while its socket 1155 get a center i3, if its a AM3/AM3+ socket, get a phenom II x4 (or a fx-4100 quad middle). in case you didnt get a socket 1155, am3/3+ you sir fail and would desire to return the motherboard, if no longer, you arnt going to be playing video games w/o paying for a sparkling motherboard.

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