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Laura asked in PetsHorses · 9 years ago

Soul connection to this horse/mean stable owner?

There's this stable near where I live and a year or so ago, I was feeling really sad and when I walked by the stable, this beautiful Buckskin stallion, almost ran over to me from where he was in the paddock. My sadness vanished instantly and it was like he didn't want me to walk on by. Now, the stable owner is a very mean woman who doesn't let strangers touch the horses. At all. And the stable owner knows me as the troublemaker, or as the one who wants to break the rules and touch the horses. I really don't see the harm in touching the horses, because I only want to pet them. So, before I could even walk over to this horse, the woman said "Don't touch the horse!". The woman came over making sure I didn't touch Buddy (that's the horse's name) and so I had no choice but to walk away. Buddy was watching me at the front of the fence giving me a look like "Why aren't you coming over?". There was also another incident that happend last year, when I saw the same horse, at a time when I was walking by that stable. Buddy was in the middle of the paddock and began to walk towards me - but then stopped and looked behind him at the woman who was watching me, then back at me.

This is going to sound really crazy - and I know I have only met this horse twice, but I feel this strong, and intense connection to Buddy. I really miss him and I have not felt that way around any horse since. I have not been back at that stable fear of getting arrested or something.

Any advice?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Stallions are very dangerous animals? Stallins will go from friendly to killing you in seconds? people havent worked with very many stallions. I have seen both mares and geldings act equally aggressive. .........Laura - they lady said dont touch..dont touch. All horses can be unpredictable. The horse belongs to this lady, not you. Leave it alone....sorry, it sucks

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If he is a stallion, she has a good reason not to let you touch him. First off, he is her horse and she can do what she wants with him (as long as it isn't abusive) which includes not letting people touch him. Secondly, if he is a stallion, he can seriosuly hurt you. Stallions can get super aggressive, so far as killing someone in a matter of seconds. I was reading about a stallion earlier today who nearly killed is gelding (castrated male horse) pasturemate and almost broke a fence to get to a mare. Snezzy, a TC in the Horse section, has also mentioned in an answer of a stallion flinging him owner by the shoulder, killing him.

    Even if he isn't a stallion, he still is a horse and horses can be unpredictable and dangerous. You don't even know this horse, so you don't know his personality which is even more dangerous.

    She is trying to avoid any issues with you getting hurt by one of her horses by letting you touch her stallion. They can be uber-dangerous.

    This isn't a connection. He might just find you interesting, like he is a very curious horse or something.

  • 9 years ago

    Continue to stay away from Buddy.

    You have no right to touch anyone's horses without permission, and you have been pointedly told you don't have permission.

    What harm? Hah! You could get kicked or bitten and you could be injured. You don't know these horses; they don't know you.

    You can also harm the horses. Feeding them the wrong thing - even something innocuous, like buttercups - can poison them.

    Someone once fed one of my horses a carrot over the fence. Nothing wrong with that, right? WRONG. It was too big, she got a "choke." That's when the carrot (or whatever) gets stuck part way down. The horse can't get it up or down. I found her suffering, hours later. She was in misery, I had to pay for the vet call, all because someone didn't see the harm in touching my horse.

    Trust me, Buddy doesn't feel this magical connection to you. Find another horse to love - one you have permission to be around!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    He can be highly dangerous, since he is a stallion. There is a reason for her not wanting you to go near him. Due to liability, or he may have a medical issue, or something where the owner is trying to keep him and you safe. Especially, if it's any stranger, not just you.

    If she thinks your a "troublemaker", show her you aren't(If you REALLY aren't). Ask her if theres anyway you can "volunteer" to help out around her stable. Have her gain your trust and go from there. You may learn something about Buddy you never knew, and you even may find the reason why she doesn't want you near him.

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  • 9 years ago

    Well, let me put it to you this way: we have a beautiful redish colored quarter horse. He is a show horse and when you spot him in the paddock, you know it. He will come right over to you. Looks very friendy. Looks like he wants to connect with you. With the way he looks, you cant help but go over to hi. Well, this older man was to close to the paddock a couple weeks ago and the beautiful show horse bit the man in the back. It was so bad he had to go to the ER. The horse took a BIG chunk out of his back. Could see the teeth marks. The man had a thick shirt on to boot. So what I am saying is, you MUST listen to this mean lady. I know its prob. hard but sometimes when a horse shows a connection to you it because they are trying to figure out how to "get over on you". Maybe you could try and talk to this lady. Maybe she has another horse you could brush or pat. Or, ask her about this horse. I would be courious to know what he is about.

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  • ?
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    what you might do is talk to the woman and apologize for you not understanding the safety issues involved. tell her about how you felt drawn to the horses. if she's a real horse person she'll perhaps understand. then maybe you could ask her if she could help you learn more about horses. she may turn out to be a much better person than you thought. who knows. it's worth the shot. it never hurts to ask. if this doesn't work, thank her for her time and move on. there is no shortage of horses in the world or people who are willing to help. sometimes it just takes a while to find the right one.

    good luck.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    She has a right not to let strangers touch her horses. If you get injured you could sue her, and that wouldn't be good (you may not, but she doesn't know that). She also doesn't know if you have any horsey germs that may contaminate her horses....the list goes on.

    Would it be possible to take lessons or clean stalls? Just don't expect her to jump up and down and let you take care of said stud because you want to. If she says no, then leave it alone/wave as you pass.

  • *****
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Leave the horse the heck alone. The woman isn't "mean", she is protecting herself from legal liability should the horse bite or otherwise injure you. Stallions are dangerous animals, and he could go from friendly to aggressive in an instant. I don't let strangers touch my horses, either.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Listen to the barn owner.

    If he truly is a 'stallion' he could be VERY dangerous and the reason the barn owner doesn't want you to pet him is to make sure he won't bite you. Its basically liability reasons. Have respect for the woman and do not fool around with the horses.

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