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Physic Help Please Help Me?

A 15.5 resistor and a 8.8 resistor are connected in series to an 18.0 V battery. Find the current and the potential difference across each resistor.

a.)15.5 Potential Difference V

8.8 potential difference v

b.) 15.5 current A

8.8 current A

2 Answers

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    I = 0.74 amps (not the answer) You know that V=IR, so to find I just divide V by R... ok based

    since I is constant throughout a series circuit, the V=IR. Just multiply I by the resistance. so... a) 15.5 ohms X .74 amps = 11.47 V

    b) 8.8 ohms X .74 amps = 6.5 V

    check it.... 11.47 + 6.5 = 17.97 which rounds up to 18V, your original voltage given.

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  • Steve
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    R = R1+R2 = 24.3 Ω

    i = V/R = 18/24.3 = .741 amp

    V1 = i*R1 = .741*15.5 = 11.48 V

    V2 = i*R2 = .741*8.8 = 6.52 V

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