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RLC Circuits/Max Voltage?

Consider an RLC circuit that is driven by an AC source with an adjustable frequency. Is possible for the maximum voltage drop across the capacitor to exceed the maximum voltage?

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  • Bony
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    9 years ago
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    ** Yes.

    Consider a series RLC circuit at frequency f,

    having R = 10Ω, Xʟ =110Ω, and Xc= 100Ω

    What Vin, is required for a series current of 1A? .


    = √ (R² + (Xʟ - Xc)²) . . . Eq1

    = √ (10² + (110 - 100)²)

    = √ (10² + 10²)

    = 10√2 Ω = 14.14 Ω

    Vin = IZ = 1A x 14.14 Ω = 14.14 V

    Vc = IXc = 1A x 100Ω = 100V

    Result Vc >> Vin = Required Answer

    Additionally, note from Eq1, as R reduces,

    and Xʟ becomes = Xc, Z becomes very low Ω.

    Very low Z results in much higher current through all components.

    Then Vc = IXc becomes very large. Vc >>> Vin

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    Source(s): Basic AC circuit calculations
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