I have to prepare a business plan on a How to start your own business course?

My husband is working full-time, but as a sideline has set up a small painting and decorating company.

So far, we have had 4 clients so it is still early days and it's quite daunting have to prepare such a business plan in 2 weeks for my course. All the plans are so long, any idea where to find a simple template to use.

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  • Henry
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    8 years ago
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    Go to http://sba.gov/smallbusinessplanner/plan/writeabus... or http://www.score.org/template_gallery.html for instructions on how to write a business plan and sample business plans.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Go and see a good business accountant and they will advise you about your business/ and the business plan. it is always better this way. This will cost you to engage the services of a professional but it is worth it The banks/ money lender for your business always wants some good business plan.They see if you got an good accountant or not

  • You can't go much wrong with Kipling's Six Honest Serving Men:-

    I keep six honest serving-men

    (They taught me all I knew)

    Their names are What and Why and When

    And How and Where and Who

    Take a piece of paper and apply each serving man to your business and you'll have a simple business plan.

    Source(s): Rudyard Kipling's The Elephant Child
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