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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 9 years ago

i need help.. please :(?

hey, please read all please..

okay actually as of right now im crying. a while of go i posted a question on here what i should do about my boyfriend tyler. & the guy i liked tom.. & long story short i broke up with tyler the night i posted that because i really really really liked tom. we started going out three days later , i liked him soo much nothing was ever akward. & he was always saving me seats at lunch with his friends, & always texting me. oovooing me & calling me.

we were going out for about a week and a half. we had a half day at school, and there was a assembly & it was a basketball game between faculty & students on the team. tom was on the team & like a good girlfriend i was supporting him..

after the game when he did soo good he picked me up twilled me around & hugged me.

that day i was hanging out with some friends we took a golf cart over to his house too hangout with him. there was like 15 guys in his driveway. they were all playing basketball. tom couldnt stop talking about hanging out & kissing me<3

two of my guy friends tht were over there came up & said ohh toms breaking up with you.. im like noo ur joking hes not.. were finee. he started walking back into his house with his head down & didnt look at me.. ?

iknew it was true.

i was soo upset i could not stop crying i couldnt breathe.

i lixed no loved him soo much. the night before he didnt say anything about this he was telling me how much he loved me.. like saying do go to bed i love you too much i just want to talk to you cause i love you.

i was soo upset for about a week, all these guys kept asking me out cause i was single i turned even one i liked so much before tht.

i just cant stop think about tom. i told him i didnt like him anymore cause i didnt wanna be creeper ish on him,

cause people kept telling him i was in love with him even though i am.

i moved on for two days and today i bounced back to him were still really good friends but he doesnt text me back sometimes. & i just really miss him i like him soo mucch & miss him soo much i dont know what to do.. im in love with tom..

</3 & i feel heart broken

help me...

pllease my heart hurts</3

2 Answers

  • 9 years ago
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    If he does not text back then he is not interested. Do not chase him. If her wants to talk to you then he knows your number/email. If he wants you back HE WILL BE BACK. If not you have to learn to move on. To do this you need to do something that occupies you time. Read a book, go chill out with guy friends, go to a theme park. Dont listen to love music. If you do not occupy your time, you'll have the urge to text him, think of him and cry. do not do this to yourself. I have been there and done that. IF HE WANTS YOU, he will calling texting everything he did in the beggining when u broke up with tyler. MOVE ON its best

  • 5 years ago

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