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What should I say to this girl on Facebook?

There were this nice, pretty, red-haired girl who I was in a high school play with me about four or five years ago and she seemed to fancy me because she was always smiley and giggly whenever she saw or talked to me. But we didn't get to know each other better because she went to an all-girls' school and I went to an all-boys' school and I didn't really stay in touch unfortunately. And right now we're both attending different colleges.

But last year she accepted me on Facebook and a while later she'd sometimes poke me on Facebook. But I wasn't sure what that meant whether she wanted to see me or she still liked me or just their way of saying "hello". But one time I sent her a few Facebook messages because I really missed her and she seemed happy to hear from me after a long time. And I asked if she'd like to get together with me but she said "I can't, I'm sorry. I have a boyfriend but thanks for asking." And she sent me a "Happy Birthday" comment on Facebook.

But I often think about her, in fact sometimes I think I'm in love with her. But I think she recently broke up with her boyfriend and I sent her another message asking if she'd like to meet up but she said "Hiya, thanks for e-mailing me. I really sorry though. I'm just really busy with college and I'm just not interested in meeting up with guys. Sorry!" But I'm just wondering when should I contact her again because it seems she's not in the mood to get a boyfriend yet. But it's been like three weeks now and I'm thinking of maybe contacting her again. If you think I should, what should I say to her?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think you should ask to meet her but specify that it's just a casual meeting as friends and not a date. That way she will feel relaxed and will probably say yes, if you haven't seen her for a while it might be a bit wierd starting a relationship now. Just talk to her a bit of facebook and maybe suggest casually meeting up in town or if you have mutual friends then ask them to come along that way she won't feel like it's a date, don't pressure her and just act casual. She probably wants a break from guys so just build up more of relationship with her, be there for her, try making her laugh and then when she is ready for a relationship you might be the first she turns to! Good luck and i hope this helps :)

    Source(s): personal experience
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