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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsMathematics · 9 years ago

Help with Algebra 1 Problems?

1. How many ounces of a 30% orange juice concentrate must be added to 70 ounces of a 70% orange juice concentrate to produce a 58% orange juice concentrate?

2. A dairy has 50 Gallons of milk that is 7.8% butterfat Ho many gallons of milk that is 2.2% butterfat should be added to the 50 gallons to make a milk that is 4.2% Butterfat?

3. Cashews sell for $8 a pound, and peanuts sell for $3 a pound. A store wants to amke 20 pounds of mixed nuts which they wil sell for $6 a pound. How many pounds of cashews and how many pounds of peanuts should they use?

4. A premium grade coffee sells for $11 a pound. A standard grade coffee sells for $5 a pound. YOu decide to make an 18 pound mixture of the premium grade and standard grade and sell it for $6 a pound. How many pounds of premium grade would you use? how many pounds of the standard grade would you use?

5. Peppermint candies sell for 15 cents a pound Butterscotch candies sell for 13 cents a pound How many pounds of both peppermints and butterscotch should you use to create 30 pounds of a candy mix that sells for 14 cents a pound?

6. A chemist has 60 ounces of a solution that is 70% acid. How much water should be added to make a solution that is 40% acid?

7. How many liter of water must be added to 10 liters f a 75% antifreeze solution in order to produce a 50% solution?

8. How many ounces of pure alcohol must be added to 50 ounces of a 70% alcohol solution to produce an 85% alcohol solution?

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  • 9 years ago
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    1. x=30

    2. x= 90 gallons

    3. 120

    4. p=3 s=15

    5. ?



    8. x= 40 ounces

  • Ashley
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    These are all the same kind of question. So I will help with one, and u use it as a template.

    1. x = ounces of 30%

    .3x + .7(70) = .58(x+70)

    .3x + 49 = .58x + 40.6

    .28x = 8.4

    x = 30 ounces

  • prato
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    A.) an entire of 456 tickets have been offered, so a + s = 456. the quantity of funds produced from each and each style of value ticket is its value expanded by utilising what number have been offered. consequently, the quantity of funds produced from the person tickets on my own is $3.50 * a = 3.5a funds. Likewise, the quantity of funds produced from the pupil tickets on my own is $a million * s = s funds. the entire value ticket sales equals $1131, so 3.5a + s = 1131. subsequently, your device of equations is: a + s = 456 3.5a + s = 1131 B.) Multiply the 1st equation by utilising -a million so that's -a - s = -456. Now upload this equation to the 2d equation to unravel for a by using removing s from the ensuing equation: (3.5a + s = 1131) + (-a - s = -456) = (2.5a = 675) 2.5a = 675 (divide the two sides by utilising 2.5) a = 270 And you are able to now resolve for s. a + s = 456 (replace 270 for a) 270 + s = 456 (subtract 270 from the two sides) s = 186 answer: 270 person tickets and 186 pupil tickets

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