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best way to get from nice france to st tropez for a day trip?

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    I don't recommend doing Nice - Saint Tropez in only one day.

    Saint-Tropez is a quite exclusive town and, in order to preserve it from lots of tourists and to keep the town aim, the access is complicated, unless you have a car or take a cab, because there's no train station in Saint-Tropez.

    The cheapest way to go to St Tropez would be to take a train from Nice to Saint Raphaël Valescure (closest train station to St Tropez), that is ok, the problem is to go from St Raphaël to St Tropez. The cheapest way is to take a bus but the road is not large and you may have to face huge traffic jams and takes about 2 hours. it's the bus Varlib, line 7601. The bus is sometimes full and you're forced to wait for next bus, 1 hour wait. The train between Nice and St Raphaël takes 1 hour.


    An easier way is to take a train from Nice to Saint Raphaël Valescure, then a boat to Saint Tropez. So, you'd have 1 hour train from Nice to St Raphaël plus 1 hour boat from St Raphaël to Saint Tropez, the boat trip costs 14€ per person, one way. Taking the boat, you can be sure you won't be on traffic jams and won't loose the whole day travelling.


    The easiest is to take a cab from Nice to St Tropez but it costs between 180€ and 200€.

    Instead of Saint-Tropez, you can visit 2 other beautiful towns, near Nice : Eze Village & gardens and Saint Paul de Vence, both are unique and deserve a visit.

    Source(s): French. I visit the area many times per year though I don't take the public transport.
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