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what is the difference in using nous regardons and on?

i have my summer exams coming up and i need help. I have this chart saying

je regardes i watch, i am watching

tu regardes you watch, you are watching

il/elle regarde he/she watches, he/she is watching

(my teacher told me to add in ON- she didnt say what to write e.g regardons, regardez etc) we are watching

Nous regardons we watch, we are watching

vous regardez you watch, you are watching

ils/elles regardent they watch, they are watching

10 points for best answer

If possible can you also gimme some good exam tips and effective revision tips :)

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    On can be translated a bunch of different ways. Most specifically as "One" or "people"

    It's like how in English, we use the word "you" a lot or "we" like I just did right now. It's used when talking in a general sense.

    It can also be translated in a passive tone.

    like how in Spanish they use se... se habla espanol "Spanish is spoken here" "We speak spanish here" They speak spanish over there" "(if you want them to understand you) you speak spanish"

    se habla = on parle espagnol.

    En Montreal, on parle francais - In Montreal, they speak French

    On ne devrait pas poser cette question.

    One shouldn't ask that question.

    On demande : caissier.

    Cashier wanted.

    On ne dit pas ça.

    That isn't said.

    Ici on parle français.

    French is spoken here.

    On va sortir ce soir.

    We're going out tonight.

    Alors les enfants, que veut-on faire ?

    OK kids, what do you want to do?

    On dit que ce resto est bon.

    They say that this restaurant is good.

    On a trouvé mon portefeuille.

    Someone found my wallet.

    On est fou !

    People are crazy!

    Grammatically, you conjugate On like you do il/elle

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