Character name suggestions?

Please can someone help me find full names for characters? Thank you.

Character 1 - detective, woman, aged between 40 and 50. Little bit like Miss Marple, very inquisitive. Naturally nosey. very intelligent

Character 2 - villain, woman, author, age 33. devious. Also very intelligent, but capable of being fooled, and can make mistakes

Character 3 - victim, happy - but a little worried or naieve.

Character 4 - chef

Character 5 - policeman - very dutiful, but baffled a little.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Character 1 - Cilla, its a common name for a woman in her 50/60s

    Character 2 - I think of a woman with black hair, red lipstick, a pointy face who's constantly smoking, named janice..

    Character 3 - I think of an 18year old called annabelle or a 30year old called chastity (chas for short)

    Character 4 - i think of a big fat man called maurice

    Character 5 - PC Morris, he was a police officer by me, very dopey. tall and over weight with big red cheeks and grey hair haha

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    1. Glenda Crane

    2. karen Downes

    3. Liam Harris or Janet Hales ( you did not say man or woman)

    4. Charlie crane or Alice George

    5. John Fitzjohn

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