( zombie apocolypse) I have been dreaming with zombies for the past 3 years?

Sense the past three years I have been dreaming with zombies every 2 months or so. My first dream with zombies was that i was running out of a building and i had 1 zombie chasing me and i ran into my fathers car and drove away, aparently I had a carcrash and whent in coma, I woke up on the floor and looked at my phone and it was 2013. I whent and saw my whole family and the people I was closest too and they all were like "you didnt die" ...... my other dreams were me by a building that was near water running and hidding and killing the zombies ... etc.. the one i had today was of me in a abandont macanics garage and me and everyone else would lock up the wire gate but then the gate broke and i found out another way to lock the place up so they wouldnt touch us ... you know i always kill them and survive.. but its just so awkward that i keep having these dreams i dont find it normal anymore it cant be normal .. im really religious so, i dont know i think the world might end like that or that it already existed a long time ago and when it did exist, i was in a past life and i was a survivor. what do you guys think ... i look up the meanings of dreaming with zombies but i dont find any resemblance to those meanings.

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    8 years ago
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    I have had a lot of zombie dreams as well. I have also had dreams about my boyfriends, going to the beach and missing work. It doesn't mean anything and there is nothing wrong with you. There is an abundance of zombie fans lately and tons of zombie themed things in the past few years including an increase in movies, video games, TV shows and fans. There has been an increase of people into zombies lately and your dreams include random things in your life. I want you to know, there is NOTHING wrong with you in terms of dreams, do not worry about it.

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    8 years ago

    Yeah, I've been dreaming about this zombie girl for 3 years. HOT!


  • 3 years ago

    i have had quite some those too. Who is commonplace with the position such objectives ought to stem from. someplace deep deep on your subconscious, some thing is dissatisfied. Lol. I particularly relish those objectives even with the indisputable fact that. Adventuresome and what-no longer.

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