Funny YOLO jokes...? ?

Like for example, "showering naked, YOLO!!"

Do you know any?

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  • 9 years ago
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    YOLO' is getting overrated, but these are funny(:

    Nemo's Dad Marvin: Don't touch the boat! Nemo: YOLO!

    Farting in a small elevator with tons of people in it...#YOLO

    Pooping in the shower...#YOLO

    Stealing my friend's TV remote and driving by his house everyday and changing the channel...#YOLO

    Stealing the krabby patty secret formula...#YOLO

    Trust falling onto random people...#YOLO

    Doing the electric slide at a funeral...#YOLO

    Offering a glass of water to someone who's drowning...#YOLO

    Showering with all my clothes on...#YOLO

    Swimming during adult swim at a public pool even though I'm 16...#YOLO

    Asking fake people if they were made in China...#YOLO

    Showering at Penn State...#YOLO

    Flipping a bar stool upside down so 4 gay guys can sit down...#YOLO

    #YOLO jk I'm Jesus.

    Screaming #YOLO at a funeral.

    Throwing my dell laptop in the ocean so it's Adele rolling in the deep.. #YOLO

    Due tomorrow = Do tomorrow #YOLO

    Asking Chris Brown if his favorite song is, 'Hit me baby, one more time" ...YOLO.


  • 9 years ago

    I'm pretty sure "funny YOLO joke" is a contradiction in terms.

    but if you want,

    Making a harmonic tune by popping my fingers. YOLO!

    Shifting the hyphen 1 syllable back when some one says [adjective] *** [noun]. YOLO!

    Being a cat. YOLNT!

    Pretending to have a mental disorder, then reverting when the neighbor calls the NHS. YOLO!

  • 7 years ago

    what does a idiot say before he dies YOLO!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


    Nemo: yolo.

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  • 9 years ago

    Offering a cop sex.. #YOLO

    Pooping in the shower #YOLO

    Telling black people to pull up their pants #YOLO

    Getting drunk with your grandparents #YOLO

    Go up to someone with a big mole on their face and start playing, "Whack a Mole" #YOLO

    SeductiveIy looking at a gay man while eating a banana #YOLO

    Using a #1 pencil to take a test #YOLO

    Paying Africans in Afros kinda like paying Europeans in Euros #YOLO

    Feeding a wiener dog hot dogs #YOLO

    Body slamming a sleeping baby #YOLO

    Screaming #YOLO at a funeral.

    Having an affair with a nun #YOLO

    Switching around the babies in a hospital #YOLO

    Spooning a homeless person #YOLO

    Pissing in your moms pillow case before she goes to bed. #YOLO

    Taking my pet rock for a walk #YOLO

    CIimbing to the top of a tree dressed as a cat and having the fire department come and get me down #YOLO

    Taking a bite out of a poptart and telling people it's Justin Bieber's and selling it on eBay for $3,000.. #YOLO

    Taking a dump in the school sink #YOLO

    Boxing a kangaroo #YOLO

    Going to Walmart and yelling "Swiper no swiping!" when someone goes to pick something up #YOLO

    Smoking a blunt with my cat #YOLO

    Going to prom dressed as a gorilla #YOLO

    Gluing a traffic cone to your head and telling people you're a unicorn #YOLO

    Using monopoly money to buy tons of drugs off a big drug dealer #YOLO

    Walking into a barber shop and asking for a quick trim around my weiner #YOLO

    Growing a hitler mustache, then going to a bar-mitzvah #YOLO

    Sprinkling cocaine on my dad's powdered donut #YOLO

    Buying fake blow-up muscles and wearing them to the gym #YOLO

    Bring a blowup doll to the movie theater and making out with it #YOLO

    Throwing a cactus on my mom while she's sleeping #YOLO

    Legally changing my name to Chris Dolmeth #YOLO

    Replacing the mayo in my mom's mayo container with horse sperm #YOLO

    Living twice #YOLO

    Going to McDonald's and asking for a happy meal with extra happy #YOLO

    Peeing in a yellow Gatorade bottle, then giving it to my thirsty teammate #YOLO

    Telling my grandmom that eating a spoon full of cinnamon will help you live longer #YOLO

    Dressing up as a robber and breaking into my own house #YOLO

    Riding a llama in a supermarket #YOLO

    Running into a police station in my underwear and yelling "Captain Underpants to the rescue!" #YOLO

    Crumping on an eIevator #YOLO

    Legally changing my name to Ben Dover #YOLO

    Stuffing erasers up your nostrils #YOLO

    Flossing my butthole #YOLO

    Lay out tanning on a train track #YOLO

  • 7 years ago

    I wish i culd fap

  • 9 years ago

    "Take the condom off, YOLO"

    "I ain't gonna be a a baby daddy, so OHNO"

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