what car should i get?

I'm planning on trading my corolla S 09 in for a better one. My budget is under 30k, and im looking for AWD sport car. Any idea what should i get? I live in Boston so i need AWD for the winter.

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  • 9 years ago
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    "I've had many freinds who've had issues with blown head gaskets. Subaru's Boxer engine design is prone to trouble."

    The only reason a Subaru could possibly blow a head gasket is through lack of maintenance. Yes, it is a well documented problem with Subaru but the only reason that it occurs is because people neglect the maintenance schedule on them. It has nothing to do with the flat-4 design, nor is the Boxer engine design more prone to trouble than any Honda motor or any Toyota motor. It is with this sage advice from both myself as a former Subaru Impreza WRX owner and from several other WRX owners that your "friends" should actually take some damn care of their cars.

    NO car is going to run completely faultlessly until the earth stops spinning just left to its own devices. That includes Hondas/Acuras. It includes Toyotas. It includes every manufacturer that finishes somewhere in the top of the Consumer Reports or whatever it is in America you folks use. Hell, the past few years the top three in those reports have been Honda, Toyota, and SUBARU.

    The definitive AWD sports car has always been a toss up between the Subaru Impreza WRX [STi] and the equivalent Mitsubishi Lancer. Either one of those two will serve you well, personally I'd go with the Subaru because there's a few weak parts in the drivetrains for the Lancer Evolution but so long as you keep up your maintenance either one will last for quite a few years.

    You do have a couple of alternatives from ze Germans like the BMW 3-Series (basically anything with an 'x' as the second-last character is the one to go for with AWD), and a fair selection of models from the Volkswagen Group (Audis with the Quattro option ticked, Volkswagen Golf R32/R, Volkswagen Passat R36, etc.); and then of course you have the Acura/Honda option with the Acura TL.

  • 9 years ago

    You do not really need AWD. I live in Minnesota where winters are much more severe and have never had an AWD car. FWD is just fine. But, if you want an AWD car I'd advise the following:

    Stick with Honda and Toyota. Their quality nd reliability levels remain well above most every other make. While Subaru does a lot of advertisingand has positioned themselves as the expert in AWD, they really do not make a car that has the kind of durability that I look for. I've had many freinds who've had issues with blown head gaskets. Subaru's Boxer engine design is prone to trouble.

    Personally, I'd steer you towards an Acura model and their SH-AWD system:


    For $30K, you can score a low mileage Acura TL with Tech and SH-AWD this is a fantastic car:



  • 9 years ago

    Your Corolla has the engine right on top of the drive wheels, so with a little care and caution, you don't really need AWD.

    PLUS, you'll get less fuel economy with AWD, due to the extra weight, AND there will be more maintenance, AND very expensive repairs if the AWD system fails in the future.

    With AWD, all your tires need to have the same amount of wear. Lets say your tires are worn 50% and you damage one and need to replace it. You can't put on a NEW one, 'cause it wont match the others in wear. You either have to buy a used one or replace all four.

    Running tires with different levels of wear CAN damage the system. A NEW tire is taller than one with a lot of wear on it. The taller tire spins slower than the worn one does.

  • jack w
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    9 years ago

    Subaru has more experience with AWD than most others. You might look at the Outback sports sedan.

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  • Kenny
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    9 years ago

    Get a Jeep Wrangler. There is no vehicle that can handle bad weather better than that.

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