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T J asked in SportsCricket · 9 years ago

Cricket-Would like to participate in this new debate,who are your most favorite batsmen, after?

◆I think let's consign Bradman vs Tendulkar ( B & T ) debate to the sidelines◆

as its difficult to separate them, for some Sir Don is the epitome of batting & younger lots from other parts call Tendulkar the best. If its decided to call them joint no.1, take your pick, who is your the best but I would like to know the next best.

◆ Pl still don't fight over B & T, let's find out◆--

▲No.2 batsmen out of few greats, who played cricket later than Sir Don.▲

◆Sir Sobers◆ Chapple brothers◆ Viv Richards ◆Brian Lara ◆J.Kallis ◆Z.Abbas◆ J.Miandad◆Inzy Haq ◆Arvinda da Silva ◆S.Jayasurya ◆Dennis Amiss ◆G.Boycott ◆G.Gooch ◆D.Gower ◆K.Sangakkara◆M.Jayawardene◆S.Ganguly ◆M.Azhar◆S.Gavaskar◆R.Dravid ◆R.Ponting ◆M.Hussey ◆M.Crowe.

▲Above are some of the biggest names, who have made Batting a pleasure to watch.

▲Who is your fave most batsman, whom you would nominate in your best 2nd place, after B & T.

▲You can also make your top 5 batsmen, leaving aside both B & T.

▲▲Pl share your cricketing thoughts, just for a change, pl leave out B & T, they are not the only ones, who have given us immense pleasure with their batsmanship.....◆


Hi Sanjay, how are you, can't send a mail, so this. When I saw your post, I also thought that you haven't been here for a long while, you can send a mail.

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    9 years ago
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    My vote to Jacque Kallis. In my opinion, someone who can't hit long sixes is an incomplete package, no matter how sound his technique is, how good his footwork is. Both, Kallis and Sachin, my favorites of modern era, can hit it when needed. Dravid also can hit the ball hard, and score some quick runs, but these legends rather prefer keeping it to the ground rather than risking when not required. Still players like Rahul Dravid, Ricky Ponting aren't as good in hitting sixes. Again, I haven't seen much of Lara, but he again was capable of doing it. So, in my opinion a complete batsman is someone who has a sound technique, footwork, and can hit the ball long too when needed and given an opportunity.

    As you didn't mention Test or ODI, I am going to give a combined answer.

    Here it is:





    6)Viv Richards

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    9 years ago

    It's a really hard question,I mean they all are great batsmen and after Sachin and Bradman overall I think Lara is second ,after that probably Sir Viv Richards and Kumar Sangakkara,not to forget Jack Kallis,he's a great cricketer and also Dravid and Ponting after that and next would probably be Mahela Jayawardene.That's overall

    In Tests (after Sachin and Bradmon)






    In ODIs


    2.Sir.Viv Richards


    4.Aravinda De Silva


    These are the top batsmen according to me but I think I might have skipped some good players and added some of my favorites but I think these are the best players but not sure about it.

    By the way very interesting question Sir,Thank you.

  • 9 years ago

    For me the no 1 TEST batsmen is Brian Charles Lara

    He is the only batsman who was comfortable against Murali even when Murali was at his best in a turning pitch.And no batsman had the concentration level he had and the abilty to bat for days.(1 fourhundred, one 300s , 9 double hundreds)

    (overrall I rate Sachin ahead of him as Sachin is really good in ODIs too)

    There are so many from india and australia who keep saying that Sachin and Bradman are the best but since there arent many from West Indies Lara is always overlooked


    Tests -






    Sangakkara (But he will be better than Dravid andpunter by the time he retires)







    Source(s): I havnt seen batsmen of 80s and early 90s
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    9 years ago

    Rahul Dravid after those two. Its pretty much difficult to make my own top 5 batsmen because I have never seen some of the former greats playing. If I am to make among those whom I have seen playing, here goes the list:

    Rahul Dravid

    Brian Lara

    Jacques Kallis

    Kumara Sangakkara

    Ricky Ponting

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    9 years ago

    This is my list after B & T.

    3. BC Lara

    4. Dravid

    5. Ponting

    6. Gavaskar

    7. JH Kallis

  • 9 years ago

    1. BC Lara

    2. Rahul Draid

    3. Ponting

    4. Kallis

    5. JayaSurya

    Lara for his ability to stand long. Dravid for his scoring ability in hell-adverse conditions. Dravid has equally performed in Subcontinent and out of the Subcontinent hence I've rated him ahead of Ponting. Kallis for his consistency, scoring rate and ability to perform in every given role. Jayasurya for his ability to shift the gears at sudden.

  • 9 years ago

    Ive 2 categories for my top 5:

    since mid 90's -





    -S Waugh / Inzaman (arguable to me)

    b/w mid 70s to mid 90s-

    -Viv Richards




    -C Llyod

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    9 years ago

    Of those you mention, mine would be:

    1.Sir Garry Sobers

    2. Jacques Kallis

    3. Brian Lara

    4. Ricky Ponting

    5. Sir Viv Richards

    My favourite batsman I have seen live would be Michael Hussey. Nothing is beyond the man even when Australia needs 20 an over off the last 3 overs to win a semi final.

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    9 years ago

    My two all time favourites are David Gower & Kim Hughes,both elegant batsmen.






  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1) Sachin......

    2) Lara......

    3) Ganguly

    4) Hayden.....

    5) Yuvraj......

    Source(s): Hi TJ, how are you??????? hope every body is fine here..........
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