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So mayweather gets **** talked on about?

Mayweather gets shut talked on for fighting Mosley at a old age but canelo faught Mosley and cabelonis undefeated and way younger but I don't see people giving him **** but u hate on mayweather? And mayweather whooped cotto and he still gets **** talked u pacquiao fans are so ignorant and don't know anything about boxing u think just cuz manny KO's people Floyd has to KO people well KO ppl isn't his fighting style and u hate on his good defense and if mayweather ever faces pacqiao and bob agrees mayweather will upset all u hatred and what other excuses would be made? Why can't u just accept his talent cuz pacquiao wouldn't even have a name for him self if it wasn't for mayweather PAC needs mayweather more then anything and when it comes mayweathers D will whoop him Defence beats offense but apparently Mannys fighting style is all about boxing right and Floyd has t do it? U PAC fans really need to learn boxing and learn that boxing isn't only about knocking people out

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  • Wade
    Lv 4
    9 years ago
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    Then what exactly did you guys say after the Pacquiao-JMM fight?

    Here, is a general comment of what a Mayweather fan would say after the JMM-PACMAN fight....

    Mayweather will destroy Pacquiao because Mayweather did better in his fight with Marquez.

    Pacquiao fans could say the same statements now. Pac destroyed Cotto. But Mayweather didn't. And just because the Pac fans started going on about this now. You go ape on us, defending Mayweather's credibility.

    Seriously Floyd Mayweather fans, with all respect. Make up your mind and make sense for once.

  • 9 years ago

    Flomos are so angry when people talk SH!T about Mayweather...

    So what can you say of FLOYD talking SH!T?.....LMAO

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    everyone talking nonsense

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