H0w many words you can d0 with the letters E A P N I D R S O?

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u can repeat letters
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2 letter words
re no en on id so ad ie sr pe os si

3 letter words
ire ira ion ern rap end rip doe dip rid rep eon rad ear era nip pen pes pia one ore pea par pas pad ode oar neo pro nap rod poi pin pod nod psi red sea sod ane are das air ani asp sip sir din ape sen sin sad sap den roe die ade spa ado ain aid

4 letter words
pare peri spin soap pond pane snap snip pion sire sore peso soda pied sone span spar pean soar pier peon pine prod redo rein rend pair reap sand read rose ride road roan rise ripe rind rope sane rasp sine raid side pose porn pons pore send rain sard rase sari rape rani sear pone pear dais nard dare darn dean nape neap nerd arid nose node nipa **** dear dine epos dope earn drop drip dose dopa done dire iron doer ides idea apse near pain airs paid aide aeon aper orad open

5 letter words
adorn spade roads ripen rinse risen diner spend spire spore drain adios resid resin spare spear spine adore rosin pains arson snipe aside serin snide apron arise snare aroid sedan snore anise sonar siren aired sapid anode aspen asper sarin dinar reins prose prone nadir opine parse penis irons opera paseo drape orpin opsin pride prion prise osier radio radon eosin nosed noria eidos naris drone piano rapid raped noise poise raise posed ranid nardo poser

6 letter words
period person sniper pernio parson pander spirea sprain spread paired pained pardon orpine sparid paries spider ordain ponder raised aspire praise dinero sander diaper inroad prison ironed senior repand onside reason poised rapine arsine ariose

7 letter words
respond indorse adipose dapsone anodise sinoper persona aneroid poniard padrone operand sardine despair


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  • Emily answered 2 years ago

    lol all i could get on the spot:))
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