how do i play my alias in backgammon?

i am not able to playanother yahoo id in backgammon

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  • 9 years ago
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    There are 3 easy ways:

    A. Use a backdoor site, such as cases Backgammon:

    Where it says 'ID number, just enter your alias number (which is probably 2, if that is your first ever alias). If 2 doesn't work, try 3, 4 etc. Then just choose the most suitable screen size (I find that small is best, because it eliminates 'lag'), and click on the room of your choice.

    B. Go to your usual Yahoo backgammon list of rooms page, such as the one here:

    Next to where it says 'playing as', there is an arrow: click on that gives a drop-down menu of your IDs (main one, plus all aliases). Click on the alias you wish to use, then click on the lounge. You can also change the screen size to 640 x 480 to eliminate the Yahoo adverts which cause lag.

    C. Once you are in your lounge, the address should be displayed at the top of the window. Something like

    for Beginners Bistro, with an alias number 2 [notice the 2 before '&small']

    Now, if you click on this address, open a new 'tab', then copy and paste that address into the address bar and click the green arrow, you can save that tab in your favourites (As Beginners bistro alias 2 - or whatever).

    You can also edit any address in the address bar of a 'tab': e.g. you can backspace to change the alias number, or remove the '&small=yes'; then click green arrow to go to the same room, but with a different alias or screen arrangement.

    Or, you can backspace the 2, and replace it with 1, to go there with your main ID.

    Or replace the '' with 'games' to get the 'backdoor address', which enables you to enter full rooms.


    Gets you to Bistro with your main ID

    Gets you to Bistro with alias 2, and small screen size, backdoor route

    If you right click on either of those links, you can open them either in a separate 'tab' or in a 'new window' , giving different layouts for the page. But you can only save the 'tab' in your favourites, or refresh it with the green arrow if you get disconnected.

    If you say what room you want to play in, I can give you all 4 different addresses for that room: then, you only need to save this question in your favourites, and you can get to the room of your choice from the links I give.

  • 9 years ago

    I am not sure about Yahoo backgammon, but I know that in Play65 online backgammon, you can create only one alias per email address.It probably works same way in yahoo Backgammon

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