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Why is my generation so grotesquelly un informed ?

So i am not trying to insult anyone or say there are not individuals who educate themselves. However i am 19 years old and am a community college freshman. I clearly remember these conversations and i dont wish to debate my political opinions

I was in class and someone kept talking about how much Obama "sucks" this went on between about 8 kids for awhile and then i said i support his presidency and one of the said to me, exact quote " wow i never met a white kid who liked obama, why do you like him?" I told them im infavor of the healthcare reform, the changes made to the bush tax cuts, and i simply gave them very basic general reasons. I asked why they are so against him, they simply said he "sucked" was "stupid" and his plans were bullshit when i asked what plans i was told "you know just like all of them" i asked if they supported a gop candidate ( romeny hadnt become frontrunner yet)

I have no problem having a conversation with someone with different opinions, i find it interesting but ive found my peers have no intelligent opinion and cannot form individual thoughts



Albert my issues lay with the lack of a foundation for their opinions. And please elaborate on your opinion and inform me on what specific actions taken by Obama can be considered treaso i really am intrested, modern day mccarthyism is rampant calling anyone people dont agree with a traitor and facist i would be intrested in a legitimately form opinion from the exact opposite side of me

Update 2:

And you sound like a "mordern" conservative LOL im not looking to debate social issues, and yes i do understand these programs and the sacrifices and collateral damage it entails are you really so arrogant that you think anyone who disagrees with you must not fully comprehend the subject?

Update 3:

Tightstep i understand how you would come to the conclusion you have about me but i would love to prove my knowledge, in seeing your answers i can see i could learn quite a bit from you please email me unless of course you think i actually have a chance

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    you sound like an "informed" liberal. LOL. Obama and the liberals are trashing the constitution. When you say you agree with that, what are YOU saying? Winston Churchill said "If you are under 35 and not a liberal you are heartless, if you are over 35 and not a conservative you're a fool!"

    With age comes wisdom....If you educated yourself on just how all those great social programs that are being created effect the country, and why they were never done before, maybe you'll get a clue.

    Source(s): I'm sure you don't have a clue. You can proclaim your vast knowledge from the rooftops.. it changes nothing..you're as clueless as any other liberal out there. Wake up!
  • buchta
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    I am 17 and i'm a Conservative, i cant wate for the possibility to vote Obama's liberal *** out of workplace, and if he occurs to unfastened, i will be able to say i helped him unfastened. I dont like his perspectives, he's absolutely unconstitutional. He is in opposition to his possess nation and siding with Mexico at the unlawful imigrant obstacle which truthfully pisses me off extra then some thing. I cant feel any president, republican or democrat can truthfully facet with a further nation over there possess so ignorantly. ninety% of all the ones in opposition to sp1070 are ignorant past notion, and he absolutely is ignorant to be in opposition to a state of his possess nation to facet with a further and so unloyal to his nation that i dont feel he will have to have the satisfaction to run once more. If you are living in Arizona you might observe that the task marketplace used to be almost non existant for jobs that dont require a measure, they have been all over the place, and it used to be simply simple annoyin that it appeared like you might see and right here extra Spanish for the duration of an afternoon then English. And SP1070 is not anything extra then Jan Brewer giving the correct to assess for a folks authorized fame within the US which within the state of Arizona is not anything extra then a drivers license. Shows how ignorant a few men and women are. And that i'm an trained man or woman of this new release, however such a lot, no they simply desire at the bandwagon, feel me i am going to institution with them, to them its simply hop at the bandwagon, they prefer Obama reason it is cool. And its frightening that there gona be those vote casting throughout the 2012 election.

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    Unfortunately it's because most people your age do not bother to read up on facts and statistics, they rely on hear-say and most often, hear-say are just people's opinions on things and situations. What is needed for the younger generation is to start reading and educating themselves instead of relying on others to tell them what is going on. But also remember that there are is also a lot of misinformation out there and while some websites look legitimate, they are only 'blogger' websites....meaning that they are only stating their opinions as facts.

  • Albert
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    8 years ago

    Skin color has nothing to do with betraying ones country. Nor does it have anything to do with one who commits treason. I would strongly recommend that you do some background research on 0bama and you'll find that your peers may not have the vocabulary to properly express themselves but I would not say that they lack an intelligent opinion when describing 0bama.

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  • Brian
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    8 years ago

    That was done intentionally through the government school systems.

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    Unfortunately, they don't get smarter. I have the same problems with people my age, late forties. They seem blind in their devotion to one party or the other with little thought or attention paid to the actual results of policies enacted.

  • Shawn
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    8 years ago

    40 years of liberal indoctrination in the public education system created the liberal insanity that infects our nation.

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