Does anyone remember Guillermo Coria?

I used to love that guy. I like how he plays tennis, his shots, his service, and everything about his play. He was my favorite tennis player. When he was playing the Roland Garros final against Gaudio, he was leading, then he had an injury that cost him the game, I almost cried that day. Also one of the most annoying games is the one against Nadal in Rome final. I don't remember which year it was but I remember that he played very well but lost, I also was going to cry that game. Unfortunately after a couple of years I think it was found that he used drugs and he was stopped from playing.

Any way I really miss him in tennis.

What do you think about him?


OHH Sorry!

He didnt use drugs. It was a back injury!

Update 2:

OHH Sorry!

He didnt use drugs. It was a back injury!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Of course, I do remember him. He was one of the best clay court player 10 years ago. He's a small size player but full of speed and quickness. He has won 2 masters series titles on clay (Monte Carlo and Hamburg) and manage to become one of only few players to reached all finals in "Clay Court Grand Slam" - Monte Carlo, Hamburg, Rome, French Open). Manage to reached at least the fourth round in all four grand slam. And has been in top ten for few years.

    Luck is always not on his side. In 2004, he is the big favourite to win the tournament but let title slip away due to injury and lost to Gaudio 6-8 in fifth while leading 2 sets to love. Even being seen as a clay court player but he manage to surprise everyone by reaching so call the "Fifth Grand Slam" tournament - Miami's final but again force to withdraw from the title match due to injury. When he started to rebounce from injury, there comes the greatest clay courter in history - Nadal. Twice he lost to Nadal in master series titles match on clay. By then, he never recover and had to retire.

    I will always remember him especially when he played with my idol - Agassi. It is always a fun match to watch as they always bring out the best of each other.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yes, he was a very good player. Unfortunately, injuries just took him out of competing at a high level necessary. I really wish he won that French Open final match. Now, look at Gaudio he is nothing.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yeah he was a talented clay court player who got to number 3 in the world and nearly became number one.... but he lost one of the best finals of the french from 6-0 6-3 up to gaston guadio 8 -6 in the fifth set and then never really recovered from it and just fell off the tour. ( the crowd did a mexican wave at 4-4 in the 3rd- 40 love with coria serving and this made him choke and he was mentally fried forever after)....but he did test positive for nandrolone earlyer in his career.. but who cares

    plus he was cute xx :)

  • I remember him!!!

    He used to be my favorite player especially watching roland garros. But then came the injuries and those drug use accusations.

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  • renfoe
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    3 years ago

    yeah, I keep in mind him. He continuously jogged my memory of the apes from Planet of the Apes. you comprehend, with the thin ape lips. He become the sufferer of the undesirable water in Argentina. one among those great style of Argentinian gamers have been caught doping, that i'm beginning as much as think of they're harmless, and that is just one thing interior the water in Buenos Aires. or maybe interior the beef.

  • 8 years ago

    He was special and the only Pro was able to make dropshot off Rodick's fastest serve...

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