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List your favorite character with your favorite Tv show and list your favorite character with the movie


TV Show:

How I Met Your Mother- Barney Stinson

Hawaii 5-0- Steve Mcgarrett

NCIS- McGee/Gibbs

NCIS: LA- Callen

Criminal Minds- SSA Hotchner

Person of Interest- Reese

CSI: NY- Danny

CSI: Miami- Wolfe

Once Upon A Time- Prince Charming


Lord of the Rings- Aragorn/Legolas

Mission Impossible- Ethan Hunt

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    The Dark Knight - The Joker

    TV Show:

    Supernatural - Castiel (profile pic)

    Vampire Diaries - Klaus, Damon, Tyler, Rebekah & Jeremy

    Teen Wolf - Stiles, Scott, Derek & the coach

    Secret Circle - Faye

    Nikita - Nikita, Alex, Berkoff

    Pretty Little Liars - Toby, Caleb

    Big Bang Theory - Lenord & Sheldon

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    Dexter-Dexter Morgan

    True Blood-Eric Northmen/Sam


    Warehouse 13-Pete Lattimer

    Being Human-Josh/Aidan


    Lord of the Rings-Aragorn/Legolas

    house of flying daggers-Jin

    The fast and the furious movies-Dom Toretto/Brian O'Conner

  • Well, I don't watch a lot of TV, so I'm going to also put anime.

    TV/Anime: Black Butler-Grell

    Bleach- Ulquiorra or Kenpachi

    Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt- Stocking

    Death Note- Light

    Soul Eater- Blair

    Regular Show- Muscleman

    Adventure Time- Marceline

    Big Bang Theory- Leonard


    Repo! The Genetic Opera- Grave Robber

    Sweeney Todd: Sweeney Todd

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    Twilight- Edward Cullen! <3

    Criminal Minds- Spencer Reid!

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    TV shows:

    HIMYM: Barney Stinson and Robin Sherbatsky (And if you're looking for episode reviews, spoilers, theories, etc., my blog is:

    Once Upon a Time: Mr. Gold/ Rumpelstiltskin


    I don't really watch any movies besides Disney movies, and I like all the characters.

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    TV Shows:

    How I Met Your Mother - Marshall

    FRIENDS - Joey

    Adventure Time - Jake

    The Walking Dead - Daryl

    Game of Thrones - Tyrion

    Dexter - Deb

    The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon

    Doctor Who - The Doctor


    Inception - Arthur

    Lord of the Rings - Legolas

    Pulp Fiction - Jules

    Harry Potter - Hagrid

    Matrix - Morpheus

    Fight Club - The Narrator

    Toy Story - Slinky

    Kill Bill - O-Ren

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    How I met Your Mother - Lily

    Gossip Girl - Blaire

    Smash - Ivy

    90210 - Silver

    Glee - Blaine or Rachel Berry

    Cougartown - Ellie

    Grey's Anatomy - Arizona and Callie

    Once Upon a Time - Mary Marget (Snow White) (YAY! another OUAT fan!! :D)

    GCB - Kristin Chenoweths Character.


    The Lion King - Simba and Nala

    the Wizard of Oz - the Munchkins

    Great question :)

    ~Colin H

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    These are my favorite characters. Bear with me, some of these movies portray people who lived in the past:

    TV shows:

    Pokemon: James from Team Rocket and Koga

    "Once Upon a Time": Queen Regina and Rumpelstiltskin


    "Lord of the Rings": Gandalf and Saruman

    "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies: Captain Hector Barbossa

    "Twilight" movies: Alice Cullen

    "Crime and Punishment": Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov

    "Lady Sings the Blues": Billie Holiday

    "Beethoven Lives Upstairs": Ludwig van Beethoven

    "Vincent and Theo": Vincent van Gogh

    "Therese": Saint Therese of Lisieux

    "Batman Returns": The Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot)

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    TV Shows:

    Subergatory- Tessa

    The Middle- Brick



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    TV shows:

    Pokemon: Proton and Sabrina.

    'Glee:' Will Schuester.


    'The Da Vinci Code:' Silas.

    'Lord of the Rings:' Denethor and Grima Wormtongue.

    Harry Potter: Severus Snape, Bellatrix Lestrange, Lucius Malfoy, and Quirrell.

    'House of Wax:' Vincent Sinclair.

    'Labyrinth:' Jareth.

    'Van Helsing:' Top Hat and Carl.

    'The Dark Knight:' the Joker.

    'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:' Willy Wonka.

    'Alice in Wonderland:' Tarrant Hightopp (the Mad Hatter).

    'Titanic:' Captain E.J. Smith.

    'The Rocky Horror Picture Show:' Riff Raff.

    'Matilda:' Agatha Trunchbull.

    'Despicable Me:' Gru.

    'Twilight' saga: Jane Volturi.

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