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Florida unemployment help?

I filed for unemployment on december 11 2011. I went through the process and was granted unemployment a few weeks later. Now in april for some unknown reason the unemployment filed a determination that my employer appealed I had the telephone interview and my telephone interview and was still given benefits then he appealed that and got a telephone hearing which I lost and now they want me to pay back all the benefits I was collecting for months. My questions are these one the employer did not appeal when I filed back in december so why was a determination filed in april I did not ask for one, does it take that long to get a determination? I can not find the paper work that came with my eligibility letter but I swear it said the employer had twenty days or the decision was final. I called the adjusticator when this all started in april and asked about this but nobody has a good answer, I don't have the money to pay back the benefits and don't understand why he was allowed to appeal 4 months later? Can anyone help me out?

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    N appeal must be made withing 20 days. However you must consider there are accommodations for postponements, and the 20 days resets with each appeal filed.

    So if the employer filed an appeal after 20 days, possibly requested a postponement, and then refiled a new appeal 20 days after the judgement, and keeping in mind the days counted are not a full week, but five working days (Mon-Fri only) you can see how the time adds up.

    You can check Florida's Department of Labor Unemployment Benefits web site to find out details of the unemployment appeal process, and any recourse you may have. They have a number of pamphlets, a comprehensive FAQ section, and additional information that can inform you as to the process to apply to your situation:

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