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Paris, France Questions?

Hello everyone. I have a question about Paris, France. I am visitng this lovely place for the first time in December. i am wondering what are some things i should take (clothing, assesories) and also, if all the places are gonna be closed due to the dates. i also wanted to know if you guys knew of a train services that can take you to London and back to Paris the same day. thanks

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    Paris to London is easily done in one day. Just google eurostar and put in your itinerary. Just keep in mind that each way is about 2 & 1/2 hours. So you can do it in one day - but that will mean almost 5 hours of time on the train all together. You decide what is best for you. If it were me I'd want to spend the night.

    You said you are going to Paris. Is it that you want to do a side trip to London or that you will be in London already and that you want to take a side trip to Paris? Anyway - what ever the case is - please understand that both these cities are absolutely huge and that you could not possibly see them in one day. I think you need at least a week a lone for Paris. So if a one day trip is all you can do to see Paris while you are in London - just understand that you will only scratch the surface of Paris and there is no way you could possibly "see" it in one day - especially if 5 hours of that day are going to be on a train. If that is all you can do you could pick one thing and concentrate on it and then maybe decide if Paris is for you and come back when you can do it more justice.

    In Paris many people do speak English and if you are sticking to touristy areas you should be just fine. But the place you are visiting is France and the official language is French and you should not expect everyone to know your language. At a bare minimum I would take a french english dictionary and travelers guide of common phrases. Maybe you could even listen to a travelers french language program to help you out on the way over. But again, many Parisians do speak English. If you were visiting the provinces there are not many English speakers there and then it would be far more incumbent on you to be more prepared.

    You have to dress warmly in winter in paris. Have a good coat, hat and gloves. Bring extra socks.

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    If the Euro disaster isn't solved then, you will probable have the means to purchase 0.5 the city with the exchange on your pocket... lodge would have replaced in 5 years... form of 60 € according to day, consisting of nutrition, lodge and transport is adequate 500$ for airplane cost ticket you will prefer a visa, and you will prefer a evidence of financial help for 2 years you do no longer prefer a motor vehicle in Paris...

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  • Why would you worry about clothings and assesories when you could get the latest fashion stuffs in Paris...? Try EUROSTAR...

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    Firstly, its very difficult( practically impossible! ) to travel from Paris to London and back to Paris all in a day so it would be better if you could go like Paris-London, takes one day and then reach back at paris the next day. If you are going in December you might need a good lot of winter coats like coats, jackets and try to get little expensive ones always safe plus you can impress the French using your style statements.You might wanna try eurostar rail or visit Having a french-english translator will be helpful because the french do not speak english at all and its really hard to follow their english,you have apps so try to bring your gadgets like ipad, iphone or some type of tablet or smartphone. The rest will be a breeze. emember you heard it from G first !

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